Jackets play an important role in men’s fashion and style. Men can give a huge boost to their wardrobe just by adding a couple of really cool jackets to their apparel collection. The great thing about jackets is that if you choose it wisely, it will not go out of fashion for a long time. You might want to change the clothing you wear with it but the jacket itself is not limited by the boundaries of fashion. There are a number of really cool jackets outfit ideas that you can try out.

The good thing is that there is a great amount of variety of fabrics available. So there is no necessity to wear a jacket just in winter. There are spring and summer jackets too. As jackets can last many seasons be sure to invest in something that is really suitable to you even if it costs a little more because it will last for a long time.

What to look for in a jacket before buying?

The first thing to look for in a jacket is proper fitting. It should not be too tight and never loose. It should be a perfect fit.  Make sure it does not make you look bulky as jackets are usually outerwear and sometimes, outerwear give much more room to your physique than there actually is.

Secondly check out the fabric. If you are buying exclusive winter wear, then of course you have to buy something thick according to the weather of the place where you live, but if you want something that will last throughout the year from the chilly autumn winds to cool breezy summers as well the refreshing air in spring buy light wear materials. Denims and leather jackets are in throughout the year. Linen and silky material too are great throughout the year.

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Cool Jacket Ideas For great Outfits

Here are some cool jacket ideas where you can mix and match and create an aesthetically appealing and physically comfortable outfit with jacket. You can work on the color schemes according to your own preference and liking.

Leather Jackets

A good leather jacket can give an enormous boost to outfit and you over all personality. However you have to choose the leather jacket very carefully. Because an oversized leather jacket gives you a sloppy and untidy look. Also do not go for long leather jackets. If you are in a good shape go for crop leather jackets, otherwise a normal length, perfect fit jacket will be good for you.

Jackets to go with every Outfit


Hoodies are great for both comfort and style. However they are good for casual occasions only and if you are invited to a formal place, you might think of changing into something more on the lines of a blazer. Hoodies in neon colors are also very hip and if one of the neon is your personal favorite, the hoodie in that color can be your trademark. Sleeveless hoodies are also great for every season.

Bomber jackets never go out of style

The classic bomber is a safe investment as it never goes out of fashion. A two toned bomber with lighter sleeves and darker rest of the body makes a very nice combination. Bomber jackets can be worn with denims and chinos both. In fact the utility of bomber jackets is such that they can do well with shorts also. However if you are on the plus size be careful while buying a bomber because it is a rounded jacket and might enhance your rotundness. A thin fleece bomber will be okay in that case.

Jackets to go with every Outfit

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Denim jackets the best clothing item

Denim jackets are great for the whole year. They have a great utility as they go with every outfit and they seldom get dirty and are easy to wash. Every guy must own one good denim jacket. Denim jackets with cotton sleeves or a contrasting hoodie attached are the styles that are making round. For winters fur lined denims look great.

Jackets to go with every Outfit

Trench coats to go with every outfit

Cotton trench coats in black or khaki are great addition to your wardrobe. Whether you are wearing jeans or pants you can wear a trendy and stylish trench coat to give a cool vibe. Do not buy trench coats that are too long because then you will not want to wear it all the time. The normal length trench coat will be comfortable as well as hip.

Jackets to go with every Outfit


Vests will also look good. Now vests are not strictly formal and wearing vests with jeans is the new fashion statement so why not look a little different and try wearing a vest with your favorite jeans and t-shirt. Of course if things get a bit formal, change the t-shirt with a shirt and you are good to any formal occasion.

Jackets with bands

Jackets with banded collars are also a major style statement and look good on almost all types of people except those who are extra thin. So if you are extra skinny, ditch the banded collar jacket otherwise it is a great outfit that looks cool and different.

Light and soft linen jackets

Here is one great option for an all through the year jackets. Linen jackets are soft and very comfortable. Because of the softness of the fabric it gives a very elegant and handsome touch to the over all personality of the wearer and also there is a lot of room to improvise when you are wearing such a jacket.

Jackets to go with every Outfit

Black or brown jackets

The colors black and brown are very versatile. That is why everyone must have one black and one brown jacket because it goes with everything that you wear. These dark colors hide any weaknesses in you dressing and make you look perfect.

Jackets to go with every Outfit

Which type of jackets do you like to wear? Share us by commenting below.

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