People have become more aware regarding the importance of fitness and good nutrition. Gone are the days when people happily enjoyed fast foods without worrying about the repercussions it would have on their health. People now take their fitness very seriously. The fitness watches, fitness apps, and various fitness blogs show that there is a huge market for fitness and nutrition products. Just like fashion, there are new fitness trends every year. Sometimes you see people going crazy over green smoothies, while other times people can’t stop obsessing over bone broths. As long as you are not following fitness fads, it’s all good. It is a good idea to know what the current fitness and nutrition trends are.

Current Nutrition and Fitness Trends

Élixir Fabuleuxfitness trends

This is getting good reviews right now. It is an organic brand and great for skin care. People now tend to avoid skin care products that have parabens and other harmful ingredients. They are gravitating towards products that are all natural. This is because whatever you put on your skin also enters your body. This one is rich in antioxidants and omega-6, and rejuvenates and protects the skin. It protects the epidermis of your skin and keeps it firm. It also has Argan oil, which is very nourishing. It also has prickly pear. Together, prickly pear and Argan oil are a powerful anti-aging duo.

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Aromatherapyfitness trends

Aromatherapy has many health benefits such as reducing anxiety, easing depression, boosting energy levels, speeding up the healing process, eliminating headaches, boosting cognitive performance, inducing sleep, strengthening the immune system, reducing pain, improving digestion, and increasing circulation. Life Elixirs is a good product.  It has lavender which will provide serenity, orange which will awaken inspiration, geranium which will strengthen your will power, patchouli which will help you sleep, and incense which will give you a sense of harmony.

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Fruit Detox

Most people favor vegetables for detoxing but people are now realizing the importance of fruits for this purpose too. In fact, some people call themselves fruitarians now! These people truly believe in the healing power of fruits. Red currants are a current favorite. Due to iron and potassium, red currant removes excess fluid from the body, which means it eliminates swelling and bags under the eyes. It’s worth freezing for the winter! It is often said that fruits of different colors have different benefits. For detox, take the green and black fruits. For cheerfulness, take white fruits. For antioxidants and vitamins, take red fruits.

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Needlingfitness trends

In the clinic of Chinese medicine “The Nature of Life” they know how to deal with the inter-seasonal decline of forces. By influencing needles on different points, doctors restore the circulation of energy “chi” (it is broken due to an incorrect way of life). This means no blues and drowsiness. Please note that we are not encouraging any course of action here. We are not sure if this is medically validated and weather you should go for it. This is just one of the fitness trends right now.

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The relaxation techniques in yoga can reduce chronic pain, like arthritis, headaches, lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga can also reduce blood pressure and help you get rid of insomnia. It also gives you increased flexibility.

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Wearable Techcurrent fitness trends

Wearable technology, fashionable technology, wearables, tech togs, wearable devices, or fashion electronics are smart electronic devices which can be worn by you as accessories. Wearable devices, like activity trackers, are a good demonstration of the internet of things, because “things” like  electronics, software, and connectivity are in fact effectors which allow objects to exchange data. Health wearable techs encourage people to improve their health. This is one of the most popular fitness trends right now.

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It is good to see that people now understand the importance of prevention. Good diet, exercise, meditation, and staying away from junk food all keep diseases at bay. People have now realized the importance of health and they now invest more of their time to stay healthy and fit. Most fitness trends listed here are not mere fads and actually represent a healthy life style. Wearable tech is a new addition. It basically helps you monitor your health and stay on track with your fitness goals.

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