To protect your skin in this dry weather, you really need a lot of moisturization. Since autumn is here, you need to start shopping for moisturizers. Our skin gets dehydrated in summer, so we really need to show it some love by providing it moisturization and protection. It is not just your face or hands that needs moisturization, your whole body needs it. Here are 10 most effective body moisturizers that will keep your skin smooth and moisturized this autumn.


It is neither a cream, nor milk, nor a serum, but a luxurious body butter. This cocktail delicately cares for your skin. It gets absorbed into the skin easily and doesn’t leave behind a film. It has coconut oil which moisturizes and softens skin. It also increases cell turn over with vitamin A and E. It also has mango and aloe extracts which give it a fresh and exquisite aroma.

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