In the last post, we shared some body moisturizers with you. Fall is here and the dry weather makes the skin of most people dry and tight. Some people can even feel their skin peeling off in this dry weather. Dryness also makes your ankles cracked. We shared some really nice body moisturizers with you last time, but we understand that some people only trust natural products to take care of their body. We personally recommend this approach too as natural ingredients work better most of the time. Let’s look at some natural body moisturizers that could be your savior this fall!

Natural Body Moisturizers

Olive Oilnatural body moisturizers

Olive oil is perhaps the most popular oil, and rightly so. Olive oil has many health and beauty uses. People have been using this oil for many years. Olive oil is full of vitamin E, which heals and repair your skin. It also has antioxidants and thus fights the free radicals. In short, olive oil is a perfect body moisturizer for this dry season. Make sure you purchase the extra virgin oil as it has more nutrients. If you have oily skin, you might want to stay away from it as it might break you out.

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is high in natural fats and thus it is one of the best body moisturizers. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties and aids in dealing with various fungi, bacteria, and parasites. Coconut oil hydrates the skin very well. This oil also penetrates deep into your skin better than any other oil. It can also help to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Coconut oil is not just good for your body, you can use it on your hair too.

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Castor Oil

Castor oil is a great moisturizer. It is high in fatty acids and quickly absorbs into the skin. Castor oil is great for hydrating your dry skin as it is high in linoleic acid which locks in the moisture. Castor oil is also great for scars and stretch marks. It can soften scar tissue and minimize its appearance. You only need a few drop of castor oil as it is very heavy. You can also dilute it with other oils such as coconut oil and olive oil. It also has ricinoleic acid which fights bacteria and keeps skin infections at bay. Regular use of this oil will make your skin soft and supple.

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Shea Butternatural body moisturizers

Most oils can seem a bit sticky and greasy to use on skin. It is not always possible to use oils as body moisturizers, especially when you are going out. That’s where butter comes in. It gets absorbed into the skin without feeling greasy. Shea Butter is a rich in vitamins A and F. They are both great for sry skin. It can help you maintain a youthful skin. aIt is made from the nuts that are present inside the fruit of the Shea tree. It is a completely natural moisturizer and it can also protect your skin from outside elements.

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Avocadonatural body moisturizers

When you apply avocados to your skin, they hydrate every layer of your dermis. They are high in vitamin A, D and E. They are also a rich source of fats. That is why avocados are great for lubricating the skin. Avocados help your skin retain its moisture. That’s why avocados are great antiagers too. Incorporate avocados into your diet to moisturize your body from within. When you are done eating, rub the peel of avocados on your body and take a shower after 15 minutes.

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Moringa Butternatural body moisturizers

Moringa is a superfood and it has many health benefits. It is a great anti-aging food. It also fights skin problems like acne, gives you a healthy skin, and makes your skin glow. Moringa butter is obtained from the seed oil of Moringa oleifera, which is a tree. Various parts of moringa tree have been used since ancient times for their healing properties. Moringa butter’s usefulness for the skin has been clinically proven. Ancient Egyptians used Moringa butter for healing their skin. Moringa butter is also very calming and soothing. So, Moringa butter is also one of the best natural body moisturizers.

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Aloe Veranatural body moisturizers

Aloe vera is also a great natural body moisturizer. It moisturizes your skin without making it greasy. In fact, when the aloe vera gel gets absorbed in your skin, you will feel as if there is nothing on your skin! It has vitamins C and E. Vitamin C keeps your skin bright and fresh, while vitamin E has healing properties and repairs the skin. Aloe vera also has beta carotene which keeps skin plump. To use it, simple peel and aloe vera leaf and scoop out the gel. Massage this gel on your body.

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These natural body moisturizers are great alternatives to the products available in the market. Natural body moisturizers are usually cheaper than the commercial ones. The best thing is that you probably have most of them at home. There are tons of recipes online which can help you combine different natural body moisturizers to reap even more benefits.

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Share some of your favorite natural moisturizers with us in the comments below!

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