Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard about retinol. Surprisingly, even though most of us have heard of it, we don’t really know much about it. Is it for ati-aging? Is it for acne? Is it safe? Basically, retinol is derived from vitamin A. It is supposed  to be excellent for preventing wrinkles. It is also great for unclogging pores, boosting collagen, and speeding up cell turn over. It helps to plump fine lines and remove discoloration. It also works pretty fast, and can show results in as little as one month. Even celebrities use retinol.



Retinol is derived from vitamin A. Vitamin A is great for repairing skin and maintaining it. Your body breaks down retinol and converts it into retinoic acid. It can rejuvenate your skin on a genetic level. It helps to erase fine lines, undo skin damage, and boosts collagen production. It is also great for people with acne prone skin. It not only helps you get rid of acne, but also repairs your skin. Basically, retinol is the answer to all your skin woes.

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Retinol is available in different formulas and strengths. It’s most potent form are retinoic acid and Retin-A. These are too are usually prescription-only. Retinyl and retinol are weaker and don;t have many side effects. You can find these in drugstore products (between 0.5% to 2% concentration). Another is Accutane. It is very powerful. It is usually used by people with very severe acne.

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Retinol is used in a lot of anti-aging products. It also boosts collagen production. If you are searching for anti-aging products, look for ones with retinol in it. Retinol is great for people suffering with severe acne. It will reduce sebum production. It also increases deal cell turnover. It also un-clogs your pores. This reduces the bacteria that causes acne. Try a retinol based product for upto a month if you want serious improvements. Try to consult your dermatologist before using it though. Your doctor will prescribe the best one for you. If you are suffering from pigmentation or skin damage, a retinol cream can help you.

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Retinol and all its variants are sensitive to sunlight. You must not use retinol products at day time. Use it before going to bed. Use a sunscreen in the morning. If you are looking for a natural alternative to Retinol, try rosehip oil as it also has a lot of vitamin A. Retin A can cause redness and a swollen face sometimes. It is a good idea to use a moisturizer too as retinol can be pretty drying. Use retinol creams sparingly as it is a strong product. Begin with a really small amount and increase slowly.

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Many moisturizers, serums, oils, and peels have retinol. If you are just starting out, try a product with 0.1% retinol. Usually, 0.5% to 2% works better. Either way, it’s better to consult your doctor before using retinol.

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