Nature has a cure for everything. There are diseases like cold, flu, fever etc that can be cured using the naturally occurring ingredients. Fruits and vegetables have a lots of nutritional value. Because of this it is all over the internet that one should use as much foods and vegetables to be fit and healthy. The secret to good health is eating as much raw fruits and vegetables as possible and eliminating all kinds of processed foods from your diet. Besides the health benefits, miraculous fruits and vegetables are also great for having a glowing skin.

For a glowing skin, one needs plenty of water, proper sleep and a bunch of nutrients that are found in juicy fruits and vegetables. There are a number of health benefits of fruits and vegetable but the beauty benefits are lesser known. In this article we are listing some of the miraculous fruits and vegetables and their beauty benefits for a glowing skin.

Miraculous fruits and vegetables for a glowing skin



Let us start with the basics. Cucumber is an extremely healthy vegetable and because of that it is the main ingredient in most of the salads and heath diets. Cucumber has lots of water in it which makes it automatically great for the skin. Cucumber infused water makes your skin glow. Putting slices of cucumber on your eyes give them coolness and spark. Putting on a cucumber paste on your skin will cure warts and acne. So you can use cucumber in both ways for the healthy skin, you can eat them or apply them on the skin. It is miraculously beneficial in both ways.

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miraculous fruits and vegetables

The benefits of apples are manifold and we all know about it. The famous quote that “An apple a day keeps doctor away” is really true. Apple is the fruits which is richest in the malic acid. Malic acid is also known by the name of Hydroxyl acid. If you are using skin treatment tablets, you might have seen this name in the ingredients. So this is a very beneficial fruit. It keeps the skin young and healthy.

You can eat an apple every day to have the maximum benefit out of the fruit. Fresh apple juice without additives is also great for the skin. It has a high fiber content and this helps in regular bowel movements and keeps the colon clean. This is good for the skin too. Just try eating an apple a day for a week and you will see drastic change in your skin and health.

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miraculous fruits and vegetables

Avocados are known as super foods and rightly so. They are nutrient rich fruits that can not only help you get beautiful skin but also have better hair and nails. It has biotin which is also known as vitamin B7. It helps in the regeneration of the skin. It has another great vitamin, which is the vitamin E. vitamin E is known as the protector of skin.

You can eat avocados regularly in your daily diet to get the maximum benefit from them. You can also use the avocado masks on the skin to get a glowing and shinning result.

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miraculous fruits and vegetables

It is a little known fact but Kiwi has more vitamin C than the oranges. Every 100 gm of kiwi has 98 gms of vitamin C. just imagine that. If you are taking tablets of vitamin C, just quit that and eat kiwis. Of course naturally occurring nutrition is much more valuable than the supplements that are made by people. It will make your skin look fresh and glowing and fights against marks and acne.

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miraculous fruits and vegetables

The king of green leafy vegetables, spinach is considered as a one of the healthiest vegetables around. As we all know green colored vegetables are great for yourself and spinach is one of the greenest vegetables around. It is packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It has vitamins A,C,K  and B complex and in the minerals it is full of manganese, carotenes, iron, iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, and valuable amino acids. Apart from helping you stay healthy it also helps regulate body pH as it is alkaline in nature. In order to get beautiful skin drink a glass of spinach juice everyday.


miraculous fruits and vegetables

Among the miraculous fruits and vegetables carrots are another popularly healthy vegetable. Carrots are famous for having carotenes that fight cancer. A 2011 UK study found that people who eat a higher amount of carotenoid-containing fruits and vegetables, like carrots, have more yellow tones in their skin, giving them a complexion that others rated as looking healthier. So in order to look healthier, eating carrots is the key. Carrots can be eaten raw in order to get the maximum benefit from them. Carrot juice is also very healthy and must be taken a glass everyday.


miraculous fruits and vegetables

Pomegranate is also rated among the super foods because of the immense health benefits it gives. It is especially good for the skin. Pomegranates are fruits with lots and lots of antioxidants. They are great to reverse the damage done to the skin. They will make the skin all supple, smooth and glowing. Pomegranate juice is also very beneficial apart from being really tasty. Because of its benefits to the skin you can see pomegranate as a part of ingredients in a number of skin care and beauty products. However eating it directly has of course much more benefits. You can also save the pomegranate peel and make tea with it which as much healthy as green tea if not more.

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miraculous fruits and vegetables

Pineapples have a special ingredient called bromelain in them. This bromelain is good for the skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties. You might have used bromelain based creams and balms, well now you know where you can find natural bromelain. Using pineapple can help you in getting rid of dead skin and have a healthy glowing skin. Pineapple also contains anti-oxidants that neutralize free-radical damage. Pineapple hydrates and softens skin from the inside out and lightens blemishes, resulting in clearer-looking skin.


miraculous fruits and vegetables

If you have a constant acne complain you might want to add a constant intake of strawberries in your diet. Strawberries have an aphla hydroxyl enzyme in them called the salicylic acid. This enzyme helps in fighting acne. It can also help you getting rid of millia, blackheads and white heads. Strawberries also have a sizable amount of vitamin C in them. Strawberries also contain a powerful anti-oxidant called ellagic acid, proven to prevent the destruction of collagen that leads to wrinkle formation. Ellagic acid has a photo-protective effect that guards against UV damage.


miraculous fruits and vegetables

Well it is sometimes difficult to categorize tomatoes as fruits or as vegetables but one thing is for sure and that is that tomatoes are great for your skin. Tomatoes have an antioxidant called the lycopene that has anti-aging properties. It can also act as a sunscreen from within. Since tomato is acidic in nature, its pulp helps tighten pores and prevent pimples.

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You can apply tomatoes on skin directly or use them in your food. They can be good in salads or in different curries too.

These were some of the miraculous fruits and vegetables that could do wonders to your skin. Which one of these miraculous fruits and vegetables do you enjoy the most? Let us know by commenting below.