Ombre hair vs Balayage hair both are hottest hair color trends of the past year and this fashion is till hip and stubbornly remains the number one hair trends in the current year also. While you must have seen countless women around you supporting one of these hair color trends, you might not know that it is ombre or Balayage is even subtler to detect. However the truth is that a number of women around the globe have been supporting this trend and ombre hair vs Balayage hair is a difficult decision to make.

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Ombre hair vs Balayage Hair

Let us first establish the line between the two hair colors.

Ombre Hair

Ombre is the two tone hair color. It is usually darker at the roots and the dark shade blends into a lighter color however there is a distinguishing partition of hair in two color tones. Usually it is preferred to have darker color in the upper part of the hair near the roots and then the lower color has bleached appearance. As compared to balayage, in ombre usually the hair is bleached. Depending upon the color scheme you want to choose, the hair can be completely or partly colored.

Ombre hair vs Balayage hair

A little variation of ombre is the sombre. These two are almost the same things but in sombre there is little difference between the tone of two colors. It can be a mix of dark hair colors or light hair colors. But not using both tones together. Here is a look at the sombre hair.

Ombre hair vs Balayage hair

Ombre is the French word which has the meaning of shaded. There are different colors that you can use in ombre. For a striking look you can choose one natural color and the other unnatural like purple, pink, orange or even yellow.

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Balayage Hair

The French word Balayage, means sweeping. so just like the word, means without any showoff or pomp and show, it will give you a great sweeping look.

Ombre hair vs Balayage hair

Balayage tries to give you a more natural look. There is no foil use in this case. You also do not need bleach unless you want a shade of very light color. In Balayage the principle of less is more is used. Here the hair is evenly colored and is with patches of original color left throughout the hair or at the bottom so that there is not a very noticeable or very prominent hair change like that of highlights. It looks very pretty on brunettes, brown or black colored hair. Blonds can also play with different shades of gold and light brown in it. It usually uses the free hand painting of the hair.

Ombre hair vs Balayage hair


Another variation of Balayage is the Flamboyage hair coloring technique. In this there is the use of a speck transparent plastic adhesive strips to shield a part of hair while the other part is being dyed. In this hair color it will give you the effect of mild highlights. It is a cool style and will suit women who are older as well. It is less flamboyant then the ombre and usually Balayage also so if you are a bit reluctant about having drastic changes to you look, you can choose either Flamboyage if you like the balayage style and sombre to get the look of ombre.

Ombre hair vs Balayage hair

Ombre hair vs Balayage hair

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Ombre hair vs Balayage hair – Which is more damaging

We all know the damages that frequent hair color does to the hair. The damages of Ombre har and Balayage are both the same as that of hair coloring or highlights. Still Balayage is less damaging if bleach is not used on the hair. There is no foil in Balayage too that makes it less damaging. As balayage is more natural so it is low maintenance. You would need a fresh coating after some time. But Ombree requires more updates so it is easier to maintain and refine.

Ombre hair vs Balayage hair

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Tips for having hair color done for Ombre hair vs Balayage hair fee

Ombre hair vs Balayage hair

In the battle for ombre hair hair vs or balayage hair, whichever you choose in the end, these are some tips that you must consider before using dying your precious hair.

  • No matter how much the dye manufactures and salon owners claim about the safety of hair dyeing, still there are a number of ways in which hair gets damaged during the process so an occasional hair color might not be as bad but do not overdo it. In the war Ombre hair vs Balayage hair, do not become the suler lsers are
  • If you are having a major hair change like highlights or ombre with unnatural color, then make sure have a good hair cut beforehand that you like. If you will have a haircut after the hair dye, it might be bad for your hair color style.
  • Before the trip to the salon for the hair color session make sure you have washed your hair properly and also conditioned it.
  • There are special shampoos for dyed hair, when you have dyed your hair, use the dye hair shampoo for at least a month so that there is minimum hair color loss.
  • There have been a lot of cases where people have developed allergies and rashes after hair dyes. So be careful about which hair dye you are using. Use on a small area first if it is your first time. If there is any irritation or pain, wash it off immediately.
  • Always use hair dyes from authentic and well-known brands. If you use a cheap brand you might save some money in the beginning but in the long run it would be costlier as the color would require retouching soon or it might be washed off sooner than a good hair dye.
  • Try to avoid permanent color and instead use semi-permanent or temporary colors. Because these are milder.
  • It is better to choose low mainterinance styles so that you do not need to redo hair again and again.
  • If you have any known allergies like lactose or gluten, so check out the ingredients before proceeding to use any hair dye.

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So hoping that this article cleared up all the confusions that you might have regarding ombre and balayagi hair color and you are able to chose one in Ombre hair vs Balayage hair competition.

Ombre hair vs balayage hair, which one is your pick. Let us know by commenting below.


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