The good think about the age of information technology is that people have more access to information now. People now know what they are putting in their body and on their body. A decade ago, people hardly had any knowledge about the ingredients in the cosmetics and skin care products they were using. Fast forward to now, there is a lot of awareness about the harmful ingredients used in cosmetics and skin care products. Incidents of adverse reactions as a result of using phony cosmetics are reported promptly now. A lot of consumers are also against the animal testing done for products before they are launched. Try natural beauty brands to be safe from harmful ingredients.

Natural Beauty Brands To Try


Acure is all natural and affordable. Most of their products are under $20. They use plant and food-based ingredients to make their products. Ingredients also include plant stem cells and antioxidant blends. Acure is free from parabens, animal testing, synthetic fragrances, sulphates, phthalates and artificial colors. Acure products can easily be found at Target. They have products for skin, hair, wellness, and babies. The mission of Acure is to save people from toxic and chemical products. Their products are tested clinically to perform efficiently. They aim to make not just natural products, but products that work. They only use organic ingredients in their products. natural beauty brands

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Arbonne isn’t just conscious about including beneficial ingreidient, it is also concerned about leaving out harmful ingredients. They botanical ingredients and use green chemistry to make products with expertise, integrity and innovation. They are also responsible about taking care of the earth. Their skin line is clinically prven to fight signs of ageing. Their plant-powered products provides skin all the nutrients it needs. Airbonne develops all products with beneficial natural ingredients that ae chosen for their safety and effectiveness.They research continually to find products that are efficacious and pure. Their products are non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly. The try to use the most unadulterated, and purest natural ingredients for their products. Their mission is to make effective products that will truly be beneficial for people. They want to develop products that will really solve their beauty woes. They consider it their responsibility to empower, inspire, and educate people to make conscious and healthier choices for the health, beauty, and well-being of their friends and family. Their products are without animal products, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, benzene, bisphenol-a. carbon black, formaldehyde-donating preservatives, hydroquinone, mineral oil. parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfates, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic dyes, talc, triclosan, triethanolamine (TEA) and other harmful ingredients.

botanical beauty brand

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

OCC products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. OCC was founded in New York in 2004 by makeup artist David Klasfeld. OCC started with a pair of Lip Balms, ‘Feathered’ ‘Tarred’. Klasfeld wanted to create products that will satisfy needs that conventional makeup products didn’t. Klasfeld wanted to bring innovation in texture, colour and selection. n 2006, OCC Skin was introduced. OCC wants to be the leader of colour cosmetics. OCC is internationally certified by PETA.

occ beauty brand
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is certified by PETA!

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While vegan and cruelty free ingredients have only recently become popular in the beauty world, Welda, which is Swiss based, was committed to this thinking back in 1921. Welda believes that nature has all the answers for beauty and wellness problems. Their ingredients list is transparent. They use herbs, flowers, fruit extracts, roots, clays and minerals in their products. You can buy products for face, body, oral care, baby, and care on Welda. They also have medicines. They have developed fair trade partnerships to source ingredients for their products. They believe in empowering individuals to make positive contribution to the world. They create beneficial products that work with body’s ability and natural vitality to heal and nurture. Their products ae gentle, effective, and soothing. Their aim is to ensure that ecology is conserved. They invest a lot in research and development to come out with the best products that will be beneficial for consumers. You must try their Wild Rose spray deodorant, which is available for $14. It blocks sweat and neutralizes odor. It also has an intoxicating rose scent so it seems more of a perfume than deodorant. You should also trey the Baby Calendula Body Cream, priced at $13. It moisturizes heavily and can also be used as a hand cream by adults. The baby line is very impressive with a lot of diaper creams, lotions, soaps, oils, and shampoos to choose from.  natural beauty

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Nude thinks that nutrition is equally important for skin and body. All their products feature a balanced diet of minerals, probiotics, omegas, and antioxidants to feed skin. Their products do not contain parabens, mineral oil, sulphates, silicones, and synthetic fragrance. The products are affordable and their regular use will make your skin glow. Nude tarted with a simple question. The creators wondered why can’t natural skincare be skincare that actually performs well? Try their Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash, priced at $42. It  combines with water to become a rich exfoliating lather that brightens skin with Inca gold oil, Vitamin C, and rose hip seeds. For you face, try the Miracle Mask, which is available for $48. It takes five minutes to completely rejuvenate your skin. It makes your skin look brighter and smoother. Go for it if you want instant result.


This company is Brooklyn-based. All products are made from five ingredients or less. Most are only made with three. Their philosophy is that it’s better to have minimal ingredients to prevent the skin from getting irritated. They also believe fewer ingredients are better for the ecological system. The creator also did not like the fact that most so called natural products are actually diluted and not 100% natural. She wanted her line to be 100% natural. The brand, is also committed to sustainable agriculture. They buy ingredients only from Fair Trade, organic, or small-farm sources. You should try the Cream, priced at $12. It’s texture is almost dry texture when you look at it in the jar, but when applied on skin, it turns into a rich oil. It is made from organic organic extra-virgin olive oil, extra-virgin coconut oil, and wild-harvested Shea butter. All these ingredients are very moisturizing. It will hydrate even the driest of skins. Another thing worth trying is the Makeup Remover, priced at $14. It contains organic extra-virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil. Apply it on a cotton ball to remove even the most stubborn of makeups. It is also very hydrating.


Yes To

Yes To delivers quality at an affordable price. Their products are formulated with at least 95% natural ingredients, and organic vegetables, fruits, and plants. The fun, bright packaging is made from recyclable materials. The YES TO Happiness program cooperates with nonprofit organizations financially and strategically that work for women and their issues. Their products are never tested on animals. Most of their products do not contain gluten or soy. Most of their products are also suitable for vegetarians. The glycerin they use come from plant based sources. Yes To products are formulated to solve body, skin and hair care needs. Yes To Carrots products are suitable for normal-to-dry hair and skin. Yes To Cucumbers are made for sensitive skin. Yes To Tomatoes are made for oily/combination and acne prone skin. Yes To Blueberries products are anti aging. Yes To Grapefruit are made  for uneven and dull skin. Yes To Coconut products are for very dry skin.You should try the Yes to Cucumber Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes. They are biodegradable and they are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which is an organization that promotes sustainable forestry and tells about paper and wood products which were sourced in a socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and economically viable way. You can get 30 wipes for $4.29.

natural skin care brands

Herbivore Botanicals

They make products which are non toxic, safe and highly effective. They believe in tangible results that can be felt  and they believe nature has the power to bring these results. All ingredients that are included in their products are there for a particular therapeutic reason. They do not use any kind of fillers, which means all their ingredients are active. This helps them achieve highly concentrated, pure, and effective formulas. Their formulas are original. They are created by them. The products are tested on real people, and never on animals. Their products are organic and of high quality. They owners understand that everything we put on our skin is absorbed by the body. That is why they only use the purest of ingredients while making their products. They use ingredients like Brazilian gemstones, French pink clay, minerals, vitamins, and botanicals. This helps to repair skin and make it healthy and vibrant. They also aim to create products that will be delightful to the sense. They believe skin care routine should be enjoyable and relaxing. Their ingredients are listed clearly on their products. They truly want users to be in love with their skin care routine. Their products are created with organic ingredients, steam distilled essential oils, plant-based cold-pressed oils, reusable packaging, GMO free soy wax, and other organic ingredients. Their products do not have phthalates, parabens, chemicals, Synthetic ingredients, fillers, mineral oils, sodium laurel sulfate, and petroleum. Their products are all-natural and no unnatural preservatives are used, so they have a shelf life of 12-24 months. It is recommended that their products be kept away from direct sunlight. They should be kept at room temperature to ensure they stay fresh longer. They use a natural preservative, Leucidal (Radish Root Ferment). Some of their products also have Vitamin E to increase the natural shelf life and keep the products fresh. Their products are also gluten free. Their shipping prices are high because they take great caution while transporting the products to ensure they stay fresh.

natural beauty brands
High quality, natural, gluten free products!

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You can buy products for hair, makeup, and skin from Aveda. All products are made using naturally derived (i.e those in which 50 percent or more of the molecule is derived from a non-petroleum mineral, plant, water, or any other natural source) ingredients. They ingredients are sourced from many countries in the world. Turmeric is brought from India. Babassu tree nuts are bought from Australia. Sandalwood oil is from Australia. So using their products is just like a spa experience. Their packaging is made from recycled materials. You should try the Shampure Dry Shampoo, which is scented using 25 flower and plant essences. You can use it in between washes to keep your hair oil free.

natural beauty brands
Eco-friendly products to make you feel fresh!

Clove + Hallow

Clove is the warmth they hope we feel from their welcoming brand. Hallow symbolizes the relationship women have with their beauty routines. Their founders chose this name because it represents their ideology and mission. Clove + Hallow id new makeup line that is full of color and clean ingredients. They adhere to the ‘Clean15’ formulation. This means they use 15 or less ingredients in every product. They also follow EU standards, which are stricter than the US standards, by the way. Their collection is also cruelty-free and vegan. Try their Lip Créme in Psych, which is full of lip hydrating oils like jojoba, sunflower, and grapefruit. For every purchase of the berry shades, Clove + Hallow donates 15 percent to the Mental Health of America. They do not use any animal byproducts. They do not use honey or beeswax either. They only use natural fragrances.

beauty brand
fewer ingredients, better performance!

 RMS Beauty

This brand does not only focus on creating nontoxic products; but also creates products that heal and rejuvenate skin when worn, by using food-grade, raw and organic ingredients. The packaging is pretty but biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable. You can use this makeup to achieve the no makeup look. Try the Lip2Cheek Lip & Cheek Color which is phthalate-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, and soy-free. This products is great for both your lips and cheeks, and give them a natural, flushed loo. You can buy it for $36.

natural beauty brad
natural and beautiful!


There is too much to write about Origins, the brand is just that good! The skin care products contain minimal ingredients that are obtained from plants and are always screened before selection. The manufacturing uses many Earth-friendly practices like wind energy and renewable resources. Origins has also partnered with American Forests’ Global ReLeaf, to plant half a million trees across the globe. They have also created a cosmetic container recycling platform. Try out two products recommendations. First one is the best-selling Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores which can be bought for $26. It is great for acne prone skin. Also, try the A Perfect World SPF 40 Moisturizer with White Tea which is available for $44. This sunscreen smells and feels really good.

origins natural beauty brand
smells good and feels good!

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty was made by a lady searching for effective beauty products she could use safely while pregnant. Be it makeup or skincare, all products start with a base of organic botanical juice before other natural and organic ingredients are included. Juice Beauty products are made without petroleum, propylene, pesticides, parabens, artificial dyes, butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. The products are not tested on animals. Most ingredients are obtained locally from certified organic farmers. Most products are also manufactured in America, using solar power. The containers are not only sustainable, but inked with soy. How cool is that? Do try the  Phyto-Pignments Light-Diffusing Dust. They use fine kaolin, rice powders and Argan to diffuse light, cover blemishes, and absorb oil. You can either use it alone or on your foundation. You can get it for $30. natural beauty brand

True Moringa

True Moringa uses one key ingredient in all their products: moringa oil . Moringa oil is obtained  from the leaves of moringa trees. Moringa trees can be found in Ghana. Moringa oil is full of antioxidants and moisturizers that hydrate skin and hair without making them look greasy or oily. True Moringa has planted more than 250,000 moringa trees in Ghana. They also teach local families about the  nutritional and financial benefits of having a moringa farm. This helps farmers to increase their income. So whenever you buy this ingredient, you aren’t just helping your skin, but also farmers in Ghana! Try the True Moringa Unscented Hair Treatment Oil. This will help with dryness, frizz, breakage, and split hands. Just a dab of this oil will be enough to combat these hair woes. You  can also be liberous if you want. Either way, your scalp and hair follicles will love it. You can get it for $$29.natural beauty brands


This brand uses organic, natural and ethical ingredients like sweet orange oil,  avocado oil, and coconut oil to make its lipsticks. They create 22 lovely shades. They use mineral powder pigments, like mica, iron oxides, and titanium dioxide. They avoids synthetic colors. They also donates a part of their annual profits to Orangutan Foundation International, PETA,  and other societies. Try their peony-inspired shade. It is a natural pink. You can buy it for $28.

Planted in Beauty

Their philosophy is that anything that does not ocur naturally will not be found in their products. Their products are free of chemicals and toxins like GMOs, sufates, and parabens. The products are made according to the EU standards. You will feel good when using their products, not just physically but also morally. Try their Purify + Condition Makeup Remover,which has a sugar-based, naturally derived cleansing agent that will even remove the most stuborn of mascaras. You can buy it for $65.

Dr. Hauschkanatural beauty brands

It is a German-based wellness brand launched  in 1967. It is committed to creating natural products with no less than 70% organic ingredients. There are no synthetic ingredients in their lotions, creams or makeup. Their products are designed to give you a healthyhy skin. The ingredients used are plant based. Try their Soothing Cleanisng Milk which is available at $36. You will like it If you have sensitive skin because it is gentle andnon-irritating. It is a great daily cleanser, and makeup remover. It has bentonite clay and almond oil to combat redness and soothe irritated skin. You can also use it like a shaving cream. You can also buy tht exfoliating Cleansing Cream, which is available for $14. It has clendula,  almond meal, and chamomile to get rid of build-up and minimize pores. Another great product is the Lip Balm, which can be bought for $16. It is great for chapped lips because of its jojoba oil, pure silk powder, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax.

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It is a delight to see that so many natural beauty brands exists now. Now you can choose from a range of natural beauty brands to satisfy your beauty needs. Let’s hope that we slowly gt rid of all toxic, chemical laden beauty products in the near future.

Which natural beauty brands are your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!


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