Muslims have two big festivals in a year; Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. If we talk about women, these are the biggest events for them to celebrate and enjoy at its full. They make special dresses for Eid and to compliment them, buy special matching shoes and bangles. They are also curious about what sort of Eid hairstyles to wear that will enhance their beauty with special Eid dress. Today we will help you to get an idea about Eid special hairstyles.

Convertible Fun Bangs

If you love statement styles and you’re in search of something that will acquire you a load of attention, convertible bangs are a choice. These bangs are a little choppy, slight lop-sided and all sorts of trendy and eye-catching. Try these bangs in curls or straight, you can’t walk off wrong. They are uneven and a little bumpy at the edges but still very tempting.  You can wear them any way you want, as their name suggests “convertible”. Kate Hudson convertible bangs are full of fun and style.

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Simple Braid With Poof Hairstyle

Never out of fashion is the one and only braid along with high front poof. It’s great in demand these days as its summer and these simple Eid hairstyles can help save from its wrath. It’s elegant, comfortable to carry, suits on every dress style and classy at the same time. No need to say anything else about this most talked about style. Just see Selena Gomez flaunting this style.

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Low Side Bun Hairstyle

Long side bun is one of the most sophisticated and formal Eid hairstyles.  This hairstyle can be done at home without much difficulty and trouble. This style works best for long hairs. You just need to practice this bun one or more time before wearing it in a function. Get half of your hairs to the side you are about to make bun and tie them into a side ponytail. Now spilt your ponytail into two and take some kind of hair doughnut and wear it up the ponytail. Inserting the two parts of ponytail to the middle of the sock or doughnut. When you push all the hairs inside it, then take another rubber band and put it around the bun to settle messy layers if any. Offer for our readers: 1000+ casinos. Neteller (occasionally stylised NETELLER or NETeller) is the most popular e-wallet solution for players looking to deposit funds into online online casinos. Choose your casino that accepts neteller right now. List of online casinos that accept Neteller deposits. ✓ Expert reviews from ✓ Find the best Neteller casino for you. When you deposit using Neteller, you get a chance to play different types of games. Top-rated casino sites have a wide selection of games from live casino games. Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Lawrence both are wearing low side bun with some bangs.

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French Braided Bun Hairstyles

French braided bun is another alternative for thick and long hairs. Make a center part. Then make two French braids on the front. This will give you an elegant and mature look. Then pin up the French braids and let them be set at the back with small plaits or braids together in a bun. This formal hairstyle bun will take some time to create but will give a memorable appearance for your special day. Have a look Jessica Alba’s French braided bun.

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The above explained special Eid hairstyles hopefully have given you an idea how to carry your hairs this Eid. If your dress is fancy and full of embroidery then you can decide on bun or pony tail style to show off the dress fully. If your dress is quite simple, you can try out open hairs to give you a stunning fashionable look. And if the dress is with collar or ban then French braid will absolutely going to rock your dress. So look beautiful on Eid and wear the hairstyle along with the dress with confidence.

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