Going on a holiday can be fun, but the packing part isn’t so fun. It can be confusing to decide what to pack and what not to pack. Apart from clothes, it can be difficult to decide which cosmetics and skincare products to pack. You can’t carry everything you own for obvious reasons. We have compiled a holiday cosmetics checklist to make your packing a breeze.

Holiday Cosmetics Checklist

A Cleansercleaanser

This goes without saying: you need a cleanser to get rid of all the dirt and grime on your face. Apart from that, you need to remove makeup every night before going to bed. Do not get lazy here, as not removing making up before sleeping can clog your pores and make you break out. That’s the last thing you would want on a holiday, I assume. Go for a multi-effect cleanser which not only cleanses your skin but is also moisturizing. A seaweed cleanser is also a good idea as it is an emulsifying ingredient which can even remove waterproof makeup, dust, and dirt. This will completely purify your skin. Seaweed is also a good ingredient for repairing skin as it has marine minerals. That is why it soothes and balances your skin.

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Sometimes cleansing alone is not enough. You need a scrub which sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal healthier new skin. After using a delicate cleanser to gently wash the skin, use a scrub to get rid of excess sebum decomposition, so that the skin soft and clean. It will also remove blackheads, improve skin’s texture, minimize large pores and help with acne. However, you do not need to exfoliate every day. Thrice a week is enough. Over exfoliating can, in fact, be harmful to your skin.

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A primer fills in your pore. It prepares your skin for makeup. Your skin will look refined after the use of a primer. Your makeup will glide on more smoothly after the use of a primer. Get a compact size or travel size primer for your holiday so that it doesn’t take too much space. It will be easier to carry for you. If you can find a primer which is fortified with collagen, it will be even better, Collagen is the building block of your skin. Constant use of it will repair your skin and help it help. This will be very helpful if you have scars. The reason why our skin takes so long to heal when we grow up is that our collagen levels deplete as we age. Collagen can be thought of as an anti-aging ingredient too. When we grow old, our collagen levels diminish. That’s why you get wrinkles and fine lines.

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Essence Cream

The use of essence is more common in Korea. In fact, an essence is one of the most important ingredients in Korean skin care routine. Wondering what essence is?  Though it may look like a toner, essence is not a toner. Essence is more like a watery lotion. It contains active ingredients which are delivered to the deepest layer of your skin to hydrate, moisturize, and heal it. Mind you, essence is not a serum. It doesn’t have as many active ingredients as a serum does. Essence balances the pH of your skin. Essence is also anti-aging. In fact, some essence can even accelerate the activation of an anti-aging gene and revitalize the skin itself. Soft, moisturizing, easy to absorb, essence doesn’t leave your skin sticky.  Essence hides your pores and tightens your skin.holiday cosmetic checklist

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You always need a sunscreen. A sunscreen protects you from the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can be damaging to your skin. You should also wear a sunscreen if you are not planning to get tanned. Even if you do want to get tanned, spending hours under the sun without a sunscreen is not a good idea. Sunscreen is an important item on your holiday cosmetics checklist. Go for a sunscreen with the added effects of moisturization and anti-aging. Make sure you choose a sunscreen with suits your skin type. Sunscreen is especially important if you are going to a very sunny place.

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Repairing Creamrepairing cream

Our skin goes through a lot of wear and tear. Sunlight, dirt, environmental stress, mental stress, and bad eating habits are all harmful to your skin. It is a good idea to have something which repairs and heal your skin. Rejuvenating cream is also a very important item on your holiday cosmetics checklist as people usually eat very unhealthy during holidays. This can show up on your skin. To counter those effects, always carry a cream/serum which is healing. These creams promote the release of new healthy cells to make your skin look younger, brighter, and smoother.

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Even those of us with a perfect skin suffer from hyperpigmentation of some sort. If not that, most people have dark circles. Concealer is your best friend to deal with these issues. It will help you hide your imperfections. Do not slather on concealer on your whole face like a foundation. Only use it on your problem areas. Concealer is the king when it comes to hiding flaws. Different colors are used to hide different flaws. For instance, a green concealer is usually used to hide red marks and acne. An orange or a red concealer is used to hide dark circles. It is a good idea to buy a small concealer palette which has all the colors. The combination of double-concealment is great for achieving a flawless complexion. Just make sure you do not use too much, or else your makeup will look cakey. If you use concealer, foundation, and powder correctly, you can achieve a flawless looking face. 

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Eye Makeup

Another must have product on your holiday cosmetics checklist is eye makeup. You can carry a small eye shadow palette with you which has your favorite colors for you. Apart from that, you can keep a mascara and some eyeliners. Do not go overboard here or you will pack thing you won’t even need during your vacation.

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Lip And Cheek Stainlip and cheek stain

When traveling, we are usually short of space. Instead of carrying many blush palettes and lipsticks, just keep some lip and cheek stains. A lip and cheek stain is a multi-purpose tint that you can use on your lips and face both.

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Essential Oils

Do not forget to pamper your skin and hair during holidays Carry a multi-purpose essential oil that can be used on both your skin and hair. An essential oil will moisturize your skin and hair. Use an oil on your hair before shampooing. For your skin, just dab some drops of essential before sleeping so that it can repair your skin as you sleep. Be very careful with the use of essential oils as they are very concentrated. Most essential oils are not safe to be used on their own, they must be diluted with other carrier oils like almond oil. If the science of essential oils scare you, just abandon this idea and carry a carrier oil instead. Almond oil is a good choice here as it is great for both your hair and skin. Almond oil has vitamin E which has rejuvenating properties. If you have an oily skin, avoid using oils during your holidays as oils might break you out.

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You never know which shampoo your hotel is going to have, so it is better to carry your own shampoo. Buy a travel size bottle so that you can carry it easily. Try to go for a moisturizing shampoo so that your hair looks sleek and smooth while you are traveling.

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Along with a shampoo, carry a travel-size conditioner with you. A conditioner moisturizes your hair intensively. Your hair may look dry without the use of a conditioner.

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Going on holidays is a memorable experience. You get to see new places and new cultures. But, it is easy to get carried away. Do not neglect your skin while on vacations. Remember to take off your makeup every night before sleeping. Although it is ok to indulge occasionally, do not go overboard with unhealthy meals. travelwithgirls.com Most of all, make sure you pack according to holiday cosmetics checklist!

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Which item is a must on your holiday cosmetic checklist? Share with us in the comments below!

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