It all started with some food blogger who tried to theme the food with unicorns. Somehow it became synonymous to rainbow coloring and canonical protrudes. All the foods were themed with brilliant hues and attractive shimmering coatings. Although we fail to understand how the rainbow colors or even shimmery silver became to signify unicorns (A mythical creature like a horse which is supposed to be pure white and have a sharp pointy horn on its forehead). Well as white unicorns are mythical so we cannot judge people if they want to attach white unicorns to rainbow hues. But no one knew what started with a food sensation would become the unicorn fashion trend.

unicorn fashion trend unicorn fashion trend unicorn fashion trend

All was well, and we had rainbow cookies, unicorn cupcakes, unicorn pies, and then there was unicorn salads and unicorn toast. Until one day people decided that if that can have a unicorn theme in all kinds of foods then why not have unicorn theme clothes and accessories. Thanks to the fast paced speed of the internet and social media, the unicorn trend picked up a momentous speed and spread like a rage. So now we have everything with unicorn theme from make products to clothes and shoes. Earlier teenagers and young ladies would look down on unicorn accessories considering them as a thing for little girls but now they can’t get enough of unicorn in their closets.

Unicorn fashion trend no doubt is quite cute. There is a lot of color and shimmer in it. The problem just is that some people do not know when to stop. It becomes too much after sometime. If you follow the trend in moderation, there is no harm in it, otherwise, the consequences can be harrowing.

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Here we check out some latest trends and available options in the unicorn trend.

Unicorn fashion trend in Clothes

As not only rainbow colors are considered unicorn but also silvery grey or glittery sparkling silver all are considered to be associated with unicorn fashion trend. Usually the clothes associated with unicorn are now dark but light shades, with glitter and sparkle. This year glitter was already among the in things so now the trend of using glitter will increase manifold as the unicorn trend has made it more popular. Usually the clothes are made up of very light sheer materials. There are chiffons and net dresses made in unicorn hues. However the unicorn fashion trend clothes look great but as stated earlier exercise caution while wearing them. And if you are supporting unicorn clothes, avoid using unicorn in any other accessories. One unicorn theme item is correct but more than one is a complete NO.

Here are some great outfits in Unicorn fashion theme.

unicorn fashion trend unicorn fashion trend

Unicorn fashion trends in hairstyles

After the dresses come the hairstyles. Dying the hair in different colors has been in for a long time now. Streaking and high lighting is also great a trend that refuses to go away. So now the new trend is here and people are dying their hair in every shade of rainbow. Yellow, orange, red blue. There are always ways in which you can experiment and innovate. However the hairstyle that end up providing with a myriad of colors is the unique and defining unicorn styles. However what is little difficult to digest are women trying to grow the protruding horn on their heads. Of course on real horns but making their hair style such that the hair forms a horn like structure on your head.

unicorn fashion trend

Unicorn fashion trend in sunglasses

These days different kinds of sunglasses that stole over hearts include cat eyes design and dark blue colored lens of the aviators. However all the other designs and colors are going out of fashion in front of unicorn glasses? Here is a pair that is making headlines. It sure is pretty enough to have our hearts set on it.

unicorn fashion trend

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Unicorn Fashion Trend in Shoes

All kinds of shoes are coming in unicorn colors. It may be sneakers, high tops, boots, ankle lengths or sandals. You will find the unique and beautiful colored shoes in all varieties. There may be silver colored or in rainbow shades. Both are considered equally hip and attractive. High heels in multi-color especially look great. At a look at these great unicorn themed shoes, they are just adorable.

unicorn fashion trend unicorn fashion trend

Unicorn themed bags and accessories


Bags for women are not just an accessory but in fact a necessity. Women need bags to go with their every outfit. However if there is a multi-colored bag with all the shades of rainbows then it is great for them. They can wear it with every outfit. Tote bags and clutches are great for rainbow shades. On formal looking bags rainbow colors do not look that good.

Here are some great unicorn themed bags and accessories. Take a look at them.

unicorn fashion trend

unicorn fashion trend

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Unicorn themed jewelry

Even smallest of jewelry item becomes a statement piece if it is used to follow a hot fashion trend and unicorn is the hottest trend of the season. So what jewelry pieces are included in this theme? Actually the answer is all. From tiny studs to great and large dangling earrings everything can be customized to follow the rainbow theme.

Unicorn theme in jackets and scarves

If unicorn is not you your style and you cannot wear a dress with that many colors, it is ok. You can wear a unicorn themed jacket or scarf with it to look hip and fashionable. In this way you are following the latest fashion trend without making yourself uncomfortable.

unicorn fashion trend

Different celebrities are shown wearing unicorn style clothes. Here is Emilia Clark wearing back with unicorn theme.

unicorn fashion trend

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What do you think of the unicorn fashion trend? Do you want to try this one out? Let us know your opinion by commenting  below.

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