Most of us can’t wake up without a cup of tea or coffee. A lot of us can’t even sleep without a fix of caffeine, strange and mind numbing, but true. In short, many of us are caffeine addicts. We need a cup or two in the morning, one after lunch, one in the evening, and one after dinner. It’s like an obsession. Caffeine addicts need coffee/tea to get them started. It is like a fuel for them. Although it is safe to drink caffeine if consumed in moderation, there are a lot of benefits of quitting caffeine too.

Benefits of Quitting Caffeine

Caffeine Will Work When It Really Needs Toquitting caffeine

When you drink caffeine regularly, it stops having the effects it once had. That is why caffeine often doesn’t work the way it needs you. Quitting coffee can bring back those results. If you only take caffeine when you really need it, it will work for you again.

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Breaking An addiction

If you need caffeine to get your work done, you are a caffeine addict. Caffeine now controls you. Caffeine can be an addictive substance to some extent. As we know, addiction isn’t good. You should not be addicted to anything in life. Depending on caffeine to wake up or work is a vicious cycle. It can alter your brain chemistry and make you ask for more of it. Quitting caffeine will rescue you from this cycle. You will no longer be dependent on a substance to function properly.

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Lower Blood Pressurequitting tea

Whether you have high blood pressure or not, it is best to stay away from caffeine to keep blood pressure in check. Caffeine can increase blood pressure by some points.

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Caffeine is not cheap. Tea and coffee are both expensive. Add to that the cost of sugar and milk. So much money spent on something with next to no nutritional value? That is not a smart choice at all. Quitting sugar will free up some money and you can use that money to buy healthier foods. A cup of coffee or tea might not sound that expensive to you, but it adds up in the long run.

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Sleep Bettercaffeine insomnia

Do I even need to state the obvious? Caffeine can seriously mess up with your sleep. I will plead guilty here. Most times I need a cup at night too. But caffeine can reduce the amount of your sleep as well as its quality. Caffeine can make it harder for you to fall asleep. Insomniacs take note. If you cannot get yourself to quit caffeine, at least try not to have a cup after 6 pm.

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Reduce Anxiety

Caffeine can raise the anxiety levels of some people. This is because caffeine stimulates adrenal glands. Quitting caffeine can help you manage your anxiety levels, especially if you are prone to it.

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Better Mood

Caffeine can make you moody. You will grumpy in the morning without your fix and then you get grumpy again after the effects of caffeine wear off. Then you feel better again after having a cup. Caffeine seriously messes up with your mood. Quitting caffeine can help you avoid these ups and downs.

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Fewer Headaches

Caffeine can trigger headaches. Changes in your consumption pattern can lead to withdrawal headaches. Caffeine can also trigger migraines. Did you know caffeine can also darken your lips? Read Natural Lip Care To Make You Lips Red And Rosy!

Conveniencecaffeinated drinks

You wake up, you need a coffee. You have a test coming up, you need a cup of tea. You have to get a project done, you need your coffee. You are on your way to work, you have to grab a Starbucks. How inconvenient right? Ditching caffeine will save you from all this hassle.

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Better Teeth

Tea and coffee can stain your teeth. The sugar in these drinks can cause tooth decay. Letting go of coffee will improve your oral health.

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Weight Lossquit tea

Your seemingly innocent cup of coffee, unless it’s black, is making it harder for you to lose weight. Caffeinated beverages add empty calories to your diet. The added sugar can lead to weight gain and obesity. When a sugary beverage has caffeine in it, it causes you to drink more of it. You can be consuming around 200 extra calories or more every day in the shape of caffeinated beverages. Moreover, a lot of us like to snack on other unhealthy foods like biscuits and cakes while we are having our tea/coffee. Cut back on these unneeded calories by quitting caffeine!

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Healthier Diet

Coffee, tea, and other caffeinated drinks usually have artificial sweeteners to increase shelf life. These preservatives are usually unhealthy for you. Sugar-free caffeinated beverages have artificial sweeteners that are also unhealthy. Cutting out caffeine can save you from all this.

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Reduces Diabetes Riskno tea

Most people take sugar with their teas and coffees. Ditching caffeine will also reduce your intake of sugar, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes. In fact, it will also save you from other sugar-related side effects like weight gain and acne.

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Caffeine doesn’t pose any health risk when consumed in moderation. But, dependence on any substance is unhealthy. Moreover, we usually consume so much sugar along with caffeinated drinks. Sugar has zero nutritional benefits and poses a lot of health risks. In fact, even caffeine doesn’t have that many nutritional benefits. It does not make sense to pump your body with something that is not beneficial for you. Try quitting caffeine. The best way to do so is by reducing the number of cups you take daily. Quitting caffeine cold turkey can result in extreme withdrawal symptoms. You don’t want that. When you quit coffee, replace it with a healthier alternative like a smoothie, lemonade, or green tea. If your addiction is too hard to break, try limiting the number of cups you drink.

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Are you a caffeine addict? How many cups do you drink in a day? Share with us in the comments below!

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