The Korean beauty industry has made a name for itself in the beauty world. Koreans put great emphasis on their skin and their beauty brands reflect that. Basically, Koreans want to have a flawless skin. They are more into skincare than makeup. That’s why Korean beauty brands use skin nourishing ingredients which nourish the skin from within. Since there are so many Korean brands, here is a list of some top Korean beauty brands for you.

Best Korean Beauty Brands

Bentonkorean beauty brands

The Benton made its name in the Korean beauty industry by using ordinary things to fix up the skin: the mucus of snails for hydrating and skin recovery, honey bee venom for the impact of lifting and aloe juice for softening. The best seller of Benton is an essence that has Snail Bee High Content Essence snail mucin: it frequently gets sold out in American online stores. In the products range there are other similarly intriguing items: purifying foam and aloe gel, tonic with BHA-acids for skin with issue and gel with aloe and propolis.

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The youthful Korean brand Huxley got famous for utilizing the uncommon Opuntia oil in its beauty products. This type of prickly plant is common in the Sahara deserts and has high properties to hold moisture. The impact is like that of the more recognizable hyaluronic acid and aloe gel, however, the thorny pear is another element for beauty products, thus everybody is intrigued. Huxley has got great ratings from people who have tried its products. Huxley has different sorts of cleansers, essences, masks and face creams, and as of late, the organization started a range of cosmetics. Up until this point, just concealer and BB cream have been introduced in it, both with high sun factors and, obviously, the extract of prickly pear.

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NEOGENkorean beauty

The Neogen brand likewise concentrates on well-known natural, yet does not utilize direct extracts from plants, but rather enhances their properties utilizing biotechnology, which adjusts the elements for better skin sensitivity. Most recently, the brand got a “two in one” remover for purifying and purging the skin in a Green Tea Cleansing Stick format. The item supplemented the gathering of purifying water with calendula, lemon peel and skin wash with green tea leaves. In Neogen products, you can not only find technologically processed extracts of plants but also their real petals.

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Brand Frienvita produces fabric filter face masks, which replaces a lot of products. A special texture fits firmly to the face, pulls grime and dirt from the pores and all the while delivers nutrients. There are items for various requirements: for upgraded skin purifying, where the activity of the filter material is supplemented with carbon extract, for hydrating, renewing the skin and for smoothing wrinkles.

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COSRXkorean beauty

CosRX brand has considerable authority in beauty care products for sensitive skin with acids and simple composition. In the brand offerings, there are tonics with AHA-acids, BHA-acids, their blend and complementary emulsions for the face.  Of course, there are also creams and essences with snail mucus, masks with honey and rice, whey with propolis, toners with hyaluronic acid and cream with aloe.

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