Selecting your makeup wisely is essential. Blue and brown eyes do not usually stand out much when it comes to using the same shade of color. It is advisable not to get too excited about cosmetics all around but to take time during selection. These are some tips that will make you look erogenous and get proper instructions on how to apply eye shadow for brown eyes

Steps for Makeup Application for brown eyes

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Use a primer on your eyes

Applying primer on your eyes is the first step to getting your make up to look stunning on your brown eyes. This way, eye shadows settle in perfectly as well as other additional cosmetics like, eyeliner and mascara.

use primer  on eyes - how to apply eye shadow for brown eyes

Colour base coat on your eyes

Base coat - Colour base coat on your eyes

Shades that are within the purple range are the best in complimenting brown eyes. These include: royal blue, brown in light shades, pinks and even maroons. After color selection, use a round eye shadow brush to carefully apply it on your eye lid. If you want a more shimmering look, you can go for colors like, fawn/taupe, whites and shimmery nudes.

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Colour rumpling

This tip has been known to work wonders for people finding the right make up for their brown eyes. It adds a cool skin effect and all the base colors go well with a crease, so that should not worry you. To get the rumple effect, use a crease brush that will execute the perfect effect and compliment your brown eyes.

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Select the right brush

Select the right brush for your eye makeup

This is a very important part for how to apply eye shadow for brown eyes. You should pick the flat brushes for application of shadows and the round ones to cover the eye lids in entirety. The perfect ones to use are cocoa and dark brown ones.

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Eye Makeup- use eye liner for peprfect style

If you really want your eyes to make an impact to others, eyeliners are the best recommendations to use. Black eyeliners work best for brown eyes and make them pop! The easiest mode of application is to use the felt tip to move along the edge of your eyelids to form a “cat” eye at the corner of your eye. Another way you can make your eyes look striking is to apply copper, bronze, navy blue or gold shadows along the edges of your eye lids.

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eye makeup use mascara for sexy eyes

When applying mascara on you lashes, you should face down and use the mascara brush to brush upwards to Bolden up the look. This look works perfectly for night events and parties but can also work well during the day though you can tone it down if you wish.

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As you follow these steps on how to apply eye shadow for brown eyes, some of the best make up products you can use for your brown eyes are: Mascara by Mally, Estee Lauder Cobalt shadow, Elizabeth Arden’s eye liners (preferably black eyeliner and navy blue shadow), A.C’s eye shadow (gold), just but to mention a few.

When you follow these steps, be sure to get the most stunning look. And to achieve this completely, you can complement your make up with a fancy dress which would also go well with red or pink lipstick. Brown eyes also look good with brown shades.

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