Beautiful hands are every women’s dreams. For the beauty of hands and feet, hygiene plays an important role. Beautiful and well cared for hands will attract the attention of onlookers and they give a good impression about the person. In hands, nail care plays an important role. The main beauty in hands is because of neat and clean nails. Nail care tips for healthy and beautiful nails addresses some of the common nail problems and issues.

Here are some basic Nail care tips for healthy and beautiful nails. People usually do take care of their hands and feet but forget paying attention to their nails but these are some points that you should never forget.

Nail Care Tips

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Moisturize your nails


Why should we forget to moisturize the nails when we are moisturizing all the parts of the bogy to protect the skin. Well many people believe that nails do not need moisturizing as these are hard and there for the protection of the finger tips. Do doubt these are quite tough and do not need as much protection as other exposed parts of the skin, but moisture is something that all the parts need and nails are especially all the time exposed to the sun so you must moisturize them as often as you can with a good moisturizer. There are special ones available in the market for your nails so you can get one of those too.

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Wear gloves during chores

When you are doing chores, you must wear gloves. It is very easy to break your nails when cleaning utensils, dusting or scrubbing the floors. These are everyday tasks that you cannot avoid for long but they are a big blow to your aim of having long and beautiful nails. So in order to stop this wear gloves while doing the chores. Sometimes when you are doing something very rough it us better to wear double protective gloves so that no damage is done. Also if your job require you to spend too much time with your hands soaked in water, then you should also wear gloves so that your nails are not wet all the time. Otherwise it can cause fungus and other nail and skin problems.

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Cleanliness and hygiene

Cleanliness is very important when it comes to the nails. Nails is the place where it is very easy to get dirt and impurities stuck. If you have long nails, it might look very beautiful but beware, to keep then clean and hygienic is a big challenge. All kinds of dirt get stuck under your nails. When you are eating food or changing the baby diaper, it becomes very difficult. Use a nail brush and clean your nails regularly with it. There is a nail care kit available. Do buy it to keep you nails from getting dirty.

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Give nails an occasional break

There are so many cool nail arts designs and styles available that one is always trying to update and change the style and look of your nails. So much use of nail paints and stickers can cause nails to lose their natural luster and shine and become brittle. So it is good to ogive nails an occasional break. Once every week. Remove all the paint and enamel with an acetone free remover and let your nails feel the sunshine and breathe in fresh air.

Improve your diet

Nail care tips for healthy and beautiful nails

Your eating pattern effects all parts of your body, including the nails. Nails require a lot of care not only from the outside but from the inside too, they should be strong and must not be susceptible to breaks and cracks. For that a healthy diet is preferable. Proteins are good for nails and hair. Use a lot of proteins in your diet to have healthy nails. Drink milk, eat butter and eggs. Eating nuts is also good for nails. There are also vitamins and supplements available in the market fir nails and hair. If you have weak nails, it might mean you are in need of one of these supplements. Try to use them with your diet but only on the prescription of a nutritionists or a physician for healthier nails.

Cuticle care

Nail care tips for healthy and beautiful nails

Cuticles is the part of the skin that lie atop the nail. Many people do not like cuticles and want to remove it however this is not a good practice. The cuticles protect the part where the nails are joined to the skin. It is a very delicate part and need protection. This it is good to protect your cuticles too. Always use cuticle moisturizers to have shiny cuticles that do not dim the beauty of your nails. If you want to remove then use a proper trimmer and trim the edges and never try to pull then off or cut too deep. Coconut oil is good for cuticle care.

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Be careful when you go for a manicure or pedicure

Nail care tips for healthy and beautiful nails

Women and men often go for a mani or pedi at the local spa or salon. Hundreds of people visit these places and not all are aware of good nail and toenails hygiene and cleanliness practices. So it is quintessential that you make sure that the utensils they are using for you are new and sterilized. They should be using thoroughly clean utensils, otherwise it is easier to transfer infections and germs through nails. It can cause skin diseases. Sometimes during cutting of the nails if there is any cut, then the infection can immediately enter the blood and cause great harm to the person.

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Avoid the use of gels, acrylics and acetone based product as much as you can

All these substance, may look very cool and beautiful but are dangerous if used very excessively. Try to minimize the use of products based on these harmful substances.

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These are not just nail care tips, these are everyday essentials that are must to follow like brushing your teeth twice a day. Do follow the nail care tips and let us know the difference you see in your nail appearance.

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