Many of us will definitely agree that eye makeup is very important. While the issue frequently lies in finding the ideal eye shadow , mascara or proper eyebrow shaping, achieving a proper makeup gives you an elegant and pretty look. But achieving this feat can be quite difficult considering the fact that no two eyes are same , so what may work for one doesn’t generally work for another.

Eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara highlight the eye region and ought to be used carefully. Each makeup should be carefully used with maximum precision. Care should be take so that an eye is not over shadowed by eye shadow.

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How Professional apply Eye Makeup

Eye Shadow Primer   

Eye Liner

The eye region must be totally free of oil before applying eye shadow. Any day cream deposit ought to be cleaned with a make-up remover. Eye shadow will last more and even remain much brighter  if an eye shadow primer is applied. This likewise keeps eye shadow from spreading into the wrinkle of the eye regions. Applying an eye shadow is prescribed for exceptionally dim or ruddy eyes.

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Eye Shadow Colors

Eye Shadow Colors

The decision of right eye shadow color relies on upon the color of the eye, the clothing or the event that your going to attend.

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Eye shadow color must be choose in such a way that they go in sync with the facial makeup.  White and rose color shadows are called  as highlighters. To light up the face, smoothly brush a highlighter underneath the eye region once eye shadow has been applied.

The Consistency

There are three essential types of eye shadow, creams, powders and sticks. Powder shadows are much easier to use and they last much longer. Cream eye shadows get removed quickly and leaves oiliness under your eyes.

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Eye Liner

The eyeliners should be in sync with your eye color. Different color eyeliner pencils are easily available in the market. Fluid based eyeliners are also available which are used with a very thin brush.

Eyeliner applied along the lower lashes ought to be gently smeared using  a cotton cloth to get a very thin line. Dusting of powder allows evenness of eye-line and dark circles can be avoided. Using of pencil will give your eyes a much lighter look.

Few tips you can take after while applying eye cosmetics:-

Few tips you can take after while applying eye cosmetics

Use the lenses before applying eye makeup.

Very tiny particles of eye makeup products move from the outside of the eye to the tear film within few moments of application of makeup. so the lens must be inserted first

so that it will abstain from catching particles under your lens, which can be difficult and extremely dangerous.

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Keep your eye makeup clean and hygienic

Wash brushes and makeup sticks as often as possible.Check for the expiry date of the product before using.

Try not to share beauty care products.

All humans have numerous bacteria on the surface of their eyes, but these bacterias may be harmful for others. So its important to not share eye makeup products.

Use the eyeliner outside the lash line.

While there is no actual proof that coating the inward edge of eye will stop the tear gland, but its better to avoid the chemicals in beauty products may be harmful and can also cause infection.

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