It seems like everyone is obsessed with losing weight these days. You shouldn’t try to lose any weight unless your body weight is more than what is right according to your height, age, and gender. That being said, losing weight is not that difficult. The main thing is that you need to be realistic about it. You can’t lose weight by going on a fad diet which promises to make you in three days. This is just not possible. Fad diets can be dangerous for your health, and usually, they do not work. What works, however, is being realistic, being practical, and being consistent. As long as you know what you need to do, and you do it consistently, you will surely lose some pounds. Follow the tips and tricks we have compiled here to lose weight in 90 days.

Lose Weight In 90 Days

Set A Routinelose weight in 90 days

90 days is a lot of time to break bad habits and meet your goals. That being said, always remember that success has no timeline. I am not trying to contradict myself here. All I want to emphasize is that if you put your mind to it, you can progress a lot in 90 days. But, if you miss the 90 days mark, you do not need to despair. To lose weight in 90 days, start by setting a routine. Figure out what you need to do. Set times for walking(or which ever physical activity you end up choosing for losing weight), grocery shopping, and meals. It is very important to have a meal and stick to it if you really want to lose a few pounds.

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Go For A Walk

There are many health benefits of walking. Walking can make you more creative, increase metabolism, and help you look younger. Who needs more motivation to walk, right? A daily 30 minutes walk can prevent weight gain. Try to go walking for 45 minutes daily, which is equal to walking 3 miles a day. This will help your burn 300 calories. If you find it boring to walk, listen to your favorite podcast while walking to make it more fun and enjoyable.

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Plan Your Mealslose weight

Planning your meals in advance and making necessary preparations is very important if you want to lose weight in 90 days. As they say, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Talk to your dietician about weight loss diet that would work with you. If you do not want to do that, find a plan online. Do the necessary grocery shopping each week. Try to completely boycott oily and processed foods. Focus more on fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the season produce. Planning your meals in advance will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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Drink More Water

You should drink a lot of water, regardless of your fitness goals. Our body requires water to function properly. It is said that our body often mistakes thirst for hydration. Try to drink 2-3 liters of water every day. Take a bottle with you wherever you go. Drinking water will also control your appetite. Additionally, it will keep you hydrated and prevent you from reaching out for sugar drinks which lead to weight loss.

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Go For A Hikehiking

Hiking can help you burn a lot of calories. Try to go for a hike 2 or 3 times a week. Hiking is not only great for weight loss, it will also help you de-stress. Hiking can also help reset your mind. Look for a hiking spot in your city. If you don’t want to go alone, ask family members and friends to accompany you. Look online for hiking groups.

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Eat Outsideeat outside

It is said that we eat more in dim lights and end up over eating. The solution is pretty simple. Try to eat outside during the day time. Not only will this help you meet your weight loss goal, it will also be a lot of fun. Eating out will also help you get vitamin D from the sun, which is an added benefit. Another great idea to lose weight in 90 days, to plan a light physical activity after you have eaten. This will help you digest your food better and will also help you burn calories.

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Make New Habits, Discard Bad Habits

A 90 days period is ideal for breaking away from bad habits and making new, healthier ones. Try to abandon bad eating habits such as eating out regularly, having a coke after meals, and adding a lot of sugar to your tea and coffee. Also, try to part ways with other bad habits such as not doing any physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle often leads to unwanted weight gain. Try to adopt new healthier habits such as drinking lemon water every day. These habits will go a long away. Once you cross the 90 days mark, these habits will hopefully stick with you forever.

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Utilize Your Free Timefree time

When we are busy, we complain about not having enough time to meet our goals. When we have time, we use it to laze around or waste it online. This time around, utilize your free time to lose weight in 90 days. When you are free, go for a fun physical activity such as biking or swimming. Weight loss doesn’t have to be boring. Choose an activity or a sport that you love. Weight loss can be fun, it doesn’t have to feel like a chore or an obligation. So, next time you are free, don’t spend it on Facebook. Go for a bike ride instead.

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Maintain a Balance

Do not be hard on yourself all the time. While having an ice cream every day is not a good idea, having a good time when you go out is fine. When you are meeting your friends after ages, or when a relative invites you for a party, it is totally ok to have whatever you want. Do not consider it a slip up. Indulging once in a while will not impact your performance. What matters is what you are doing most of the time. So, if you have an ice cream once in two weeks, it is totally ok.

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Make Weight Loss Fun

Weight loss isn’t about eating bland veggies and going to the gym. Find recipes you like. If you don’t like to eat vegetables, make yummy smoothies. The more fun it is, the easier it will be to follow. Try to invest some time for finding out good recipes and fun weight loss activities.

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Discard The Things You Shouldn’t Be Eating

We often end up eating foods we shouldn’t be eating when we have them in the house. The pull is just too hard to resist. So the best way to deal with these kinds of foods is to give them away. Do away with all the chocolates, crisps, and sodas you have in the house. Also, resist the urge to buy them when you visit the grocery store next.

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Stick to these habits, and you will surely lose weight in 90 days. Always remember, your ultimate aim is a healthy lifestyle. It is a good idea to stick to a healthy lifestyle, even when you have met your fitness goals. Never follow fad diets.

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What are some of the tips that work for you when it comes to weight loss? Share your secrets with us in the comments below!

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