We all desire sleek, bouncy, and silky hair but thanks to what we have put our hair though, it’s in serious need of TLC. You do not have to break a bank to revive our hair, some simple tips and tricks are enough. If you want to revive your hair back to life, we have got 3 simple tips for you that will not cost a dime and bring your hair back to life! Most importantly, all of the tips are insanely simple and you won’t even need to put in a lot of effort. What could be better than this?

Revive Your Hair

Cut Your Split Endsrevive your hair

Who said you need to visit the salon to get rid of your split ends? You can do it yourself at home! There are plenty of tutorials online that can help you learn how to quickly and safely cut your own split ends! The only tool you require is a pair of scissors. There are a lot of benefits of cutting your split ends. It will result in a reduction in hair breakage. It will also prevent your hair from splitting further. This way, your hair will remain healthy and grow stronger and longer.

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Hair Maskrevive your hair

Try to apply a hair mask every hair to revive your hair. Just like your face, your hair can also greatly benefit from a mask. If you cannot do hair masks every week, try to do it once every two-week at least. Regular application of hair masks will make a huge difference to your hair. No matter what your hair concern is, it can be treated with homemade hair masks. The best thing is that most of these masks can be made using ingredients readily available in your kitchen. So, it will cost you absolutely nothing to make these masks. If you cannot manage to use a mask, try to apply oil to your hair before you shampoo it. Coconut oil and olive oil are one of the best choices, but you can go for other oils too. It is best to leave oil overnight, but if you can’t, just give yourself a massage 20  minutes before hopping into the shower. The oil will easily come off when you shampoo your hair.

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Shampoo And Condition Properlyrevive your hair

All of us use a shampoo and conditioner, so we might as well make the best of it. It is a good idea to shampoo your roots only and give your head a massage while you are at it. A massage would not only be very relaxing, it will also boost blood supply to your hair and stimulate the hair follicles. A thorough massage would also thoroughly clean your hair and make your hair follicles stronger. Similarly, there is a proper way to condition your hair. You should only condition the end of your hair. It is a good idea to leave the conditioner for as long as possible. Doing this will deliver maximum hydration and restore moisture to your hair. Apart from that, never use hot water for rinsing out your hair. Go for room temperature or cool water. Hot water will suck the moisture out of your hair and make it frizzy. Do not rub your head vigorously with a towel. Instead pat your hair gently. Use a microfiber towel if possible.

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Avoid Chemicalsrevive your hair

If you want to revive your hair, you need to steer clear of products laden with chemicals. Avoid unnecessary hair products, and make sure the ones that you use are mostly comprised of natural products. Also, avoid dying your hair if you want to nurse it back to life. Also, avoid hair products that have surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate.

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No To Hot Styling Toolsrevive your hair

If you want to revive your hair stay away from hot styling tools. Heat is not good for damaged hair. In fact, regular use of hot styling tools can damage even healthy hair. Steering clear of hot styling tools will really help your hair recover. After washing your hair, wait for them to dry and avoid the temptation to blow dry them.

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Healthy Lifestylerevive your hair

If you want to revive your hair, ensure your diet is healthy. Your hair reflects your overall health. Apart from taking care of your diet, try to exercise regularly. Also, try to manage your stress levels as sometimes stress can cause your hair to fall. Consult your doctor to see if you need any supplements.

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If you feel that your hair is not doing so great these days and you need to revive your hair, these tips can help greatly. Consistency is important and you will not get results overnight. Most importantly, most of these tips do not require a lot of effort. You just need to invest a little bit of your time!

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