Summer is just around the corner and we are already in the vacations mode! But, we will have to undo the damage we did last season! Winters means cozying up in our duvets while chowing down on whatever we could get our hands on to keep us warm and cozy. Thankfully, your winter wardrobe does a good job of hiding all that excess weight. However, we can no longer put on 3 layers to hide our bulging belly and most of us need a summer body diet plan to gear up for the upcoming reason! We have many summer body diet plans and ideas for you which will not just affect the way you look, but also the way you feel!

Summer Body Diet

Fix Meal Hourssummer body diet

You should not just care about what you will include in your summer body diet, you should also take your meals at a fixed time. Like with anything else, consistency is the key. Your efforts need to be sustainable. If you need to lose a lot and you want to lose it fast, you can try intermittent fasting. You really need to have a good daily routine to achieve your results. You will have to limit your eating window to around nine to eight hours. For breakfast, try eggs, avocado, and fruits. For lunch, you can have seeds, nuts, and some carbs such as rice and sweet potatoes. For dinner, try vegetables and protein. Most importantly, bread must not be a part of your summer body diet! Avoid unhealthy stuff like wine and cigarettes as they are injurious to your health. Also, sip a lot of lemon water and green tea all day to avoid snacking on unhealthy foods and keep cravings away.

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Mix up your exercise routine. Change the intensity of your exercises every day. There is a misconception that you need to lift more each week to see better results. It is better to do more reps of the same weight or to slow down the speed and exert more control. The thing you need to understand is that there are different ways of gauges of intensity such as increasing the time of a set, lifting more weight, moving the weight faster or slower, and doing more repetitions.In a nutshell, do not think lifting more weight is the key. You can stay at a constant weight or lift less weight and lift with less momentum and more control, This will help you build endurance, muscle strength, and burn fat.

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Real Foodsummer body diet

Include real foods in your summer body diet. Apart from that, if you want to slim down and remain healthy this simmers, make sure you practice gratitude and avoid being a couch potato. Your mood can really impact how you feel to make sure you de-stress. It is crucial that you load up your plate will whole foods such as whole grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits and animal proteins. These will provide you with nutrients to keep it going. Apart from that, you need to keep moving. Sign up for activities you love. Go for a walk, play with kids, or go for a run. This routine will keep you fit.

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Balance Is Key

Your summer body diet should also be balanced. It is recommended that you divide your meals into four or five portions every day and follow macros based on your fitness goals, height, and weight. Macros or macronutrients mean carbs, proteins, and fats. You can use fitness apps or online calculators to track macros. When you break down your meal into portions, you get a constant supply of energy and prevent calorie overload which can lead to weight gain. However, make sure you do not need a lot of fats and carbs as excess calories are often stored as fat.

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