Your hair, skin, and nails are all really smart. Your hair can actually reveal a lot about your health. Haven’t you noticed how your hair starts falling out when you are stressed out or having a poor diet? Your hair and skin are a reflection of your internal health. When something goes wrong, you should not just focus on getting topical products, but you should try to figure out what you have been doing differently. Most of your hair problems are a reflection of something amiss internally. Here are a few things that your hair say about your health.

What Your Hair Say About Your Health

Thinning: Thyroidwhat does your hair say about your health

If you have noticed that your hair is suddenly thinning, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor about your thyroid. It is the master gland which is in charge of the endocrine system and impacts hair growth. It might be a sign of hypothyroidism, which is a condition where the thyroid gland is unable to produce the required hormones. Apart from that, your hair might be getting thinner because of a hormonal imbalance because of the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It affects how the ovaries of a woman function. This could lead to hair fall, and people with a genetic predisposition are more prone to it.

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Dry Brittle Hair: Too Much Sunthings your hair say about your health

Not just your skin, your hair also cannot take prolonged sun exposure. If your hair is dry and brittle and breaks easily, you need to assess how much time you have been spending out lately. If you are spending too much time out in the sun, it could be the reason behind your dry and brittle hair. This applies more to people with blonde and gray hair. Moreover, if your hair is thin, it makes your scalp more susceptible to sunburn. So, when you are outside cover your head with a scarf, hat, or a cap to protect your hair from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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Hair Disorder: Dental Issues

As per a study, people suffering from disorders arising from the mutation of the hair protein keratin have a high risk of cavities. Basically, keratin is the key building block for your hair and tooth enamel. Mutation of keratin doesn’t just affect your teeth. This makes the tooth surface smoother, making it more susceptible to decay and bacteria. If you have a hair disorder, it is advised that you be very careful about your dental health. Floss daily and also visit your dentist regularly.

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Dull/Thin Hair: Junk Foodyour hair say about your health

If you eat a lot of processed foods and junk foods, your diet can be the culprit behind your thin and dull hair. When your diet is not balanced, your body ends up transporting nutrients to important organs such the heart and omits your hair. So, when your hair doesn’t get the nutrients it requires, it becomes dull and lifeless. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits. If your hair growth is painfully slow, it could be because your diet lacks protein, which is the building block of hair. Try to get at least two servings of protein every day. Some sources of protein are eggs, chicken, meat, fish, whole grains, tofu, and nuts.

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Pulling Hair Out: Perfectionist

If you find yourself pulling your hair out, you are being too hard on yourself. You are aiming to be a perfectionist, which is impossible. When you are unable to meet your ridiculously high standards, you end up pulling your hair out because of dissatisfaction and frustration. This is actually a behavioral disorder and is called trichotillomania. You can try the cognitive behavioral therapy to learn to deal with this kind of stress.

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Thinning/Falling: Stressyour hair say about your health

It is normal to shed around 80 to 100 hairs every day. But if you are losing a lot of hair, it could be because of telogen effluvium. This is a hair thinning phases prompted by physical and psychological stressors such as illness or depression. Fortunately, it is reversible but the tricky part is figuring out what exactly caused the shedding. This is because the hair thinning becomes noticeable around three to six months after the stressor has taken place.

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Eye Health

If you are a blonde, you really need to be very protective of your eyes when you are out in the sun!  A study has found out that people with blue eyes and blonde hair do not produce as much of the protective pigment melanin as the brunettes do. That’s why blondes are more at a risk of macular degeneration related to age. Macular degeneration is one of the causes of vision loss in American adults over the age of 50. In fact, even if you are not a blond it is a good idea to safeguard your eyes from sunlight exposure always by wearing sunglasses.

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Gray Hair: Stressyour hair say about your health

If your hair has started graying recently, even if you are too young to get gray hair, you have been stressed recently, then there is a connection. Oxidative stress affects the cells that produce pigments which give your hair its color. It is not known yet why stress can make the hair of some people gray but not of everyone, although it is believed that genetics has a role to play here too. Whatever the reason might be, you know the bottom line: stress is bad for you.

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Brittle Hair: Cushing’s Syndrome

One of the symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome is brittle hair. This rare condition is caused by excess cortisol. Other symptoms include back pain, fatigue, and high blood pressure. You should consult your doctor for a treatment but the condition is usually treated by changing the dose of the medications that are believed to be causing it.

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Hair Shedding: Anemiayour hair say about your health

If you think you are suddenly shedding a lot of hair, it might be because your body’s iron scores have depleted and your intake of iron isn’t enough. It is best to speak to your doctor about this and get yourself tested for anemia. This is one of the first blood tests doctors do for anemia. Vegetarians are more at a risk. If your hair fall is due to anemia, you should include more iron-rich foods in your diet to tackle the problem of hair shedding.

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Flakes: Dandruff

If you have lately been noticing white or yellow flakes in your hair, it could be seborrheic dermatitis, or in simple words: dandruff. Try over the counter specialty shampoos to tackle this problem. You may also visit your dermatologist who might prescribe you a medicated shampoo. This will help you manage dandruff. It is usually caused by an inflammation of the skin or yeast on the skin. Unfortunately, it gets rose in winter.

Receding Hairline: Genes

If your mom’s or dad’s hairline started receding before it should have, chances are it will happen to you too. Some things are just genetically inherited and there isn’t a lot you can do about it. However, some medications and treatments may make it better. So, if a receding hairline is something that runs in your genes, be on your best guard and try taking more care of your hair.

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Thinning Hair: Lacking Vitaminsyour hair say about your health

If your hair is thinning and falling a lot, something could be wrong with your immune system. A lot of time thinning hair is a sign of deficiency in some key vitamins. You can ask your doctor to prescribe you multivitamins or you change your diet to include more vitamins, proteins, and iron. However, do not expect to see results overnight. It can take up to 6 months for changes to be visible. But, as they say, patience is a virtue.

Hair Breakage: Bad Grooming Habitsyour hair say about your health

Color treatments and heat tools can be really harmful in the long run. If you have color treated your hair way too many times or use a curler daily, then don’t be surprised to see hair breakage. When you use too many products on your hair, the chemicals cause your hair to weaken over time and become more prone to problems.

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These are some of the things that your hair say about your health. If your hair fall is really bothering you, it is best to visit a dermatologist because stressing about an issue related to hair can actually make that problem worse.

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What else does your hair say about your health? Let us know about the things we missed by commenting below!

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