Stress and tension are a part and parcel of modern world of today. There are too many negative effects of stress that it is a must to eliminate all the stress and tension causing factors from one’s life. Tension is widely known as a silent killer. A stress free work life is a blessing.

One might argue that it is not possible to have a completely stress free work life. There is so much work competition. There are so many bills that need to be paid at home. There is the tension of trying to maintain the work and home life balance and the balance between having a healthy lifestyle with having some fun and enjoyment too.

The truth is that there is no escaping the stress and tensions in this world but the secret is to manage them in a way that it does not take a toll on the body. One must remember that there is no escaping stress but instead of worrying about it all the time the best remedy is to happily live with it. One must de stress oneself once in a while.

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Here are top 10 tips for a stress free work life

10 – Optimize your workload

stress free work life

One of the main factors that causes stress and tension is too much workload. So it is essential that you optimize your work. First rule for a stress free work life is never leave the work to cover before deadline. For every project make a timeline and try to follow it. If you are on track on the timeline, you will feel comfortable and easy that you will not be very much behind schedule and also you will have a daily goal that this is the work that needs to be done today.

9 – Take charge of what you can control

stress free work life

This is very important. In life there are going to be things that you have control over and things that you cannot control. So you should always remember that there are some things that you can control and some things over which you have no control at all. The things you can control, you should take care of and try to do your best in them but the things that you have no power over, you should leave them behind and move forward.

8 – Strike a balance between home and work

stress free work life

Many people fail to do this and then face the consequences in the form of stress and tension. For a stress free life, it is essential that you keep a balance between home life and work. Do not bring the stress of office to work. If you bring office work to home more than 2 days week, you are definitely doing something wrong. Even if you have to sit in the office late, finish your office work on time. Try hard not to bring any office work to home. Your home time should be a time to relax and forget about the work stress, otherwise your mind will not be able to rejuvenate for the next day. And the tiredness will star building up inside you.

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7 – Be courteous and kind

stress free work life

Having a good relationship with your colleagues is a good way to release work related stress. When you are not in the good books of your boss and co-workers, this will add to the work related stress. Your co-workers share the same problems and issues that you do, so it is good if you have someone else with whom you can talk and share your problems with.

6 – Be up to date about what you do

stress free work life

These days trends are continuously changing and new technologies and research is making its way. It is best to keep up to date about one’s field so that you are never behind in the competition. If a person does not upgrade, he or she becomes redundant soon enough. On the other hand if a person is being upgraded continuously in knowledge and experience then they are never outdated and with the experience will continue to grow.

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5 – Be honest and follow the office rules

stress free work life

You can only get real peace of mind if you work honestly. If you are not honest then there will always be a load at the back of your mind and you are unable to concentrate on your work and give your best. Also sooner or later the honesty and hard work pays off and the person who is dishonest will reveal his shortcomings to the world. Then the person will not get any promotion or bonus and his reputation will be ruined too.

4 – Do not backbite or slander to reach the top

stress free work life

It is often noted that people backbite a lot in offices in order to ruin someone’s repute thus trying to take away their chances of moving up the corporate ladder. If you are working your best, you will definitely get a shot to get to the top of the corporate ladder but trying to steal some else’ honor and glory is never right. You can get your reward at the right time but there is no need to steal it from someone else.

3 – Respect everyone and remain professional

stress free work life

Another very important thing is that one should have a highly professional attitude. No need to create any drama in the office. Respect everyone who is a part of your office from the top ranking officials like managers and team leads to janitors and maintenance staff. If you will respect others you will gain respect in return.

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2 – Know your strengths and weaknesses

stress free work life

One cannot be jack of all trades. So it is best that you analyze your own strengths and weaknesses. You should know what are your strong points and you can pitch them forward. Also you should try to work on your weaknesses to make them better.

1 – Know when to quit


stress free work life

If the job is giving you too much stress and you are unable to find any way out from it, then remember nothing is more important than your happiness and health. Working in a very stressful environment is harmful for health also. So it is better to quit the job and find something new that can help you in having a stress free work life.

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How do you maintain a stress free work life? Let us know by commenting below.