Vacations are one of the most memorable times of your life. Vacations are absolutely necessary for you. Vacations give you a break from everything that has been stressing you out. Vacations rejuvenate and reenergize you. Because vacations are so much fun, it is easier to get carried away. When you go somewhere, you relax. Sometimes you relax way too much and you indulge. While occasional indulgence is ok, binging on unhealthy food on a daily basis can be bad for you. Unfortunately, most food options are unhealthy when you are away, or maybe they seem that way. Apart from that, healthy food doesn’t seem so appealing during holidays. Who wants to have a salad while relaxing? That’s our flawed thinking right there! You shouldn’t sabotage your health by eating unhealthy while you are away. Here are some ideas to eat healthy during vacations.

Tips To Eat Healthy During Vacations

Count Your Calories

eat healthy during vacations
Calories matter during vacations too!

Being on a vacation is no reason to exponentially increase your calories intake. Remember, calories still count even if you are holidaying! Most women have a tendency to eat more than they normally do when they eat out. This means you eat more calories than you need to. This translates into weight gain in the long term. If you are on a vacation, you probably eat out every day so do not think of eating out as a special time when you can eat whatever you want. Outside food is rich in unhealthy fats and sodium. This can lead to unwanted weight gain and other health problems. Restaurants also usually serve bigger portions than we eat at home. And since we pay to eat that food, we try to finish all of it! Remember it is not just about what you eat, but also how much you eat. A good idea is to order half portions. If the restaurant you are eating at does not offer that option, share your food with a friend or family member. If this is not an option either, take the leftover food home instead of shoving it down your throat. Another good idea is to order an appetizer isn’t of the main course. So, if you want to eat healthy during vacations, control the portion size!

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Customize Your Meal

vacation foods
always choose healthier options

Choose meals that you can customize. Ask for low-sodium, low fat, and low sugar servings. Desserts are not the only food items that are abundant in sugar. Sugar is a part of bread and ketchup too. When it comes to salad, ask for natural dressings. Sometimes the salads served at restaurants are very high in calories.

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I am assuming that when you go on a vacation, you select a scenic place. And you apparently go when the weather is pleasant. If that is the case, what better way to enjoy your vacation than walking around! When you go on a holiday, avoid the urge to order an Uber everywhere. Try to walk more. Not only will it be more fun to explore the city this way, ou will also burn calories by walking around. So, next time you go on a vacation, keep your walking shoes with you too!

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One Treat Every Day

eat healthy during vacations
Fries are ok once in a while!

Won’t vacations be so boring if you have to stick to salads, bland food, and low sugar drinks every day? Apart from that, wouldn’t it be heartbreaking to be not able to enjoy the specialties of the all the places you visit? Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. Moderation is the key here. When you go for a holiday, allow yourself one treat every day. But, make sure you compensate for it by having healthier food the rest of the day.

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Keep Yourself Hydrated

Another way to eat healthy during vacations is by drinking water the whole day. This will serve two purposes. You will stay hydrated and your body will flush out all the toxins from your body. Apart from that, this will keep your appetite under control. You will avoid binge eating when you are hydrated. Keep a water bottle with you wherever you go. If you do not like plain water, just add a few drops of lemon to it, if you are able to find a lemon!

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Motivate Yourself

Unhealthy food and indulgence can be bad for your waistline and beauty both. Just think about it: would you like to return from your holidays sporting a few extra pounds and a blotched face. No, right? I thought so. Motivate yourself to eat better so you can stay in shape while holidaying.

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Eat Before Your Flight

eating healthy during holidays
Healthier Food = Healthier You!

Try to eat before you head out for the airport. Airport food court usually has very unhealthy food. It is a better idea to avoid eating at the airport. Keep some snacks with you.

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Avoid Buffetseat healthy while on vacation

You can end up eating a lot if you go to a buffet. Try to avoid buffets whenever possible. Go to a la carte restaurant instead. If you do go on a buffet, try to pick up a smaller plate. Load your plate with a lot of fruits and vegetables to ensure you eat healthy during vacations.

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Go To A Food A Market

Just because you are on a holiday, it does not mean fresh fruits and vegetables are out of the equation. Try to find a local market and visit it regularly to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. This will also be a great opportunity to enjoy fruits and vegetables that are not available in your country.

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Beware Of Drinksvacation foods

A cola here and there is ok. Having a cola every day is definitely not ok. When we eat out, we crave colas. Having a fizzy drink or alcohol regularly can be seriously dangerous for your health. Instead of ordering a fizzy drink, try to order fresh juice or lemonade.

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Take The Stairs

You do not have to take an elevator or a lift everywhere. Try to use stairs as much as possible while you are on holidays. This will help you burn some calories and keep you in shape.

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Take Healthy Foods With You

Another great way to eat healthy during vacations is by taking healthy foods with you. We often give in when we are unable to find healthier alternatives. You can take nuts, natural energy bars, and dried foods with you. This way you will not be forced to settle for an unhealthy breakfast or snack when there are no healthy options.

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Skip Sugar

eat healthy
Control sugar cravings!

Sugar is still sugar while you ae holidaying. Keep your sugar intake in check while vacationing. Take healthy alternatives like a small jar of honey with you. Of course, you can have treats occasionally, but do not go overboard.

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Vacations are a memorable time. While I do not advocate making your vacations difficult by fussing too much over food, I do advice you to plan ahead and be sensible. Pack some healthy foods with you. Research the place you will be going to. Find out about the healthy food places they have. A lot of cities have juice bars and health food stores now. Research about the food markets in the city you are visiting. A little planning can help you eat healthy during vacations. Negligence can sabotage your diet and fitness. Remember, a little planning goes a long way.

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Do you have any tips to eat healthy during vacations? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

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