As we bid a fond adieu to the winter season and welcome spring, we know that summer is just around the corner. In fact most fashion houses have released their summer fashion catalogues. Summer is the longest season of the year in most parts of the world so the summer wardrobe is most important for almost everyone. Here we will discuss mens summer fashion essentials 2018 and check out the latest trends and fashion statements that are quintessential for mens summer fashion essential 2018.

We would start with the clothing them move on to the accessories and addons. The trends that we are looking at for Mens summer fashion essentials 2018 are certainly super stylish and cool.

Mens summer fashion essentials 2018

Foral and tropical prints

Mens summer fashion essentials 2018 Mens summer fashion essentials 2018 Mens summer fashion essentials 2018

Floral and tropical prints are everywhere this summer. Usually it is in women clothing that these prints are seen all the time but this time it is a must have in the men’s wardrobe. It can be in the shirts or in the bottoms. Floral tops in light colors are great to wear in summer. You can wear them at parties and on vacation as a casual outfit. It is an everyday casual outfit but you should try to avoid it on formal occasions like weddings or bar mitzwah. But for meetups with friends or movie nights it is a good idea to wear these prints. Here is a look at latest floral prints from Gucci and Hnm. You can wear an all printed look too, according to the fashion gurus but we would definitely ask you to refrain from it and combine a printed top with plain bottom or vice versa. If the print is big and loud then try out lighter colors and if it is small, then both light and dark shades can be suitable depending on the stuff you are trying on.

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Vertical stripes

Mens summer fashion essentials 2018 Mens summer fashion essentials 2018 Mens summer fashion essentials 2018

There are a number of advantages of wearing vertical stripes. It makes you look slimmer and taller. While horizontal stripes look nice in a number of different color combinations, the vertical stripes usually look good with a white background and some dark colored stripes on the front. Strips with black background are also quite popular but white gives you more style and is suited for summers. There is so much to experiment with stripes.

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Wide legged trousers

Mens summer fashion essentials 2018 Mens summer fashion essentials 2018

Mens summer fashion essentials 2018

Okay, thankfully the days of tight fitting men’s denims are gone. Now the wide legged trousers and pants are in. Usually the pants are folded at the bottom. Among the colors in summers khaki is always in. White colored denim is also very popular. Cotton pants which are in light colors are popular. The pants should have a good cut at the top and a wide bottom. However it should be nowhere near the boot legged pants wide because that is definitely on in this season, at least not in summer. As the fashion these days is quite fickle and what will come as rage few seasons down the line is something extremely difficult to predict.

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Summer t-shirts and tank tops

Mens summer fashion essentials 2018 Mens summer fashion essentials 2018

As always, t-shirts and tank tops are summer favorite. Cool colorful t-shirts with graphic prints or slogans are very popular every summer and the trend seems to continue this season too, because it is so comfortable in the summer to go anywhere wearing a casual t-shirt and your favorite pair of jeans.  Tank tops keep you cool off in the hot summer season. They can protect you from sweaty underarms and stuffy clothing when you have long outdoor days plan. They are a favorite for beach day in summer too. Plain tank tops look cook. They go best with shorts but you can wear them with full length jeans also.

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Side striped trousers or sweats for summer

Mens summer fashion essentials 2018

This is definitely the hottest Mens summer fashion essentials 2018 trend. You can see side striped bottoms everywhere. They are the best for casual clothing but are slowing making way in formal wear too. Sweatpants with side stripes were there for quite some time but they are now a fashion statement and men are wearing them aplomb all over. Tight fitting trousers and wide legged both can have side strip and can rock the look.

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Colors of the summer clothing

Mens summer fashion essentials 2018 Mens summer fashion essentials 2018

Last year bold colors were in and everyone was going after pieces with orange and deep green and but this year there is more of rage in beige or peach or sea green. Pastels and electric colors are more sought after and you will see them in catalogues of all famous brands. Apart from that rainbow combination is also making headlines. Jackets with the splash of all the seven colors or shirts with all the colors are quite popular on the ramps and are expected to make it big among the masses too. Here are some cool summer pieces from the ramps this season.

Accessories for summer

Mens summer fashion essentials 2018

Summer accessories are usually same throughout the year although the designs and styles vary a lot. The sunglasses are top most priority. While a year ago brightly colored aviators were all the rage, this year dark medium sized glasses are coming back. Dark colored glasses always look good in summers and they are not only a protection against the flaring sun but also a great way to look cool.

Mens summer fashion essentials 2018

Hats and caps are also good in this season. Wear caps that are practical and protect you from the sun’s glare too along with working as an accessory. Colorful sporty watches that are complimenting to your outfit can be worn in summer too.

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 So this was our take on Mens summer fashion essentials 2018. What is your favorite fashion essential and does it features in our list of Mens summer fashion essentials 2018? Let us know by commenting below.

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