Soaring temperatures also bring a host of problems with them. Sunburn, bug bites, and heat rashes are a few summer skin problems that a lot of people face. However, some precautionary measures can help you avoid these summer skin problems. But, if in spite of your efforts, you are faced with skin problems in the summer season, do not worry as we have some simple measure and hacks that will help you tackle summer skin problems. Here is how you can prevent and heal summer skin problems.

Summer Skin Problems

Irritating Summer Skin Problem: Folliculitissummer skin problems Folliculitis

We tend to sweat a lot in summers and bacteria thrive in the sweaty skin. Bacteria feed on your sweat as well as on dead skin that blocks pores. This often leads to small pimples at the hair follicles. You can scrub the area with a benzoyl peroxide wash to get rid of bumps and prevent new ones from coming. You can also visit your dermatologist who will prescribe you antibacterial lotions to clear away the bumps faster. Make sure that the sunscreen you use on your body doesn’t clog pores. Try to take a shower when you swear and never wear the same clothes after a gymming session. Even if the clothes don’t smell bad, they probably have bacteria on it that can clog pores.

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Razor Burn Is Avoidablesummer skin problems: razor burns

The good thing about winters is that the long sleeves and gloves cover your hairy arms but you are not afforded that luxury in summer. Shaving often causes razor burns and this also one of the most common summer skin problems. To avoid this problem, use a new razor blade and instead of using a bar soap, use a shaving cream. A common misconception is that you should shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth but that only increases the risk of getting ingrown hairs. It’s ok to repeat the process but avoid going against the grain. After you are done, use rubbing alcohol to clean that area. After that, apply a deodorant made for sensitive skin. It will prevent red bumps.

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One Of The Most Irritating Summer Skin Problems: Bug Bitessummer skin problems: bug bites

Never itch an bug bite as you may end up scratching it open which will prolong the healing process and may leave behind a brown spot when it’s gone. Scratching won’t help anyway as it will only make the bug bite itchier. That’s because your scratches would actually be damaging to it and make the nerves more sensitive. Instead of scratching it, use an anti-itch spray or a soothing gel. You can also use an ice pack over it to reduce the discomfort. You can take allergy medicines such as Claritin in summer if you are sensitive to bug bites. It may not with your current bite, but it will prevent you from reacting as badly the next time.

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Poison Ivy Rashsummer skin problems

Poison ivy spreads like wildfire. You can get a rash merely by touching something that was in contact with the plant. As soon as you suspect that you were exposed to poison ivy, take a shower. Make sure you wash your clothes and all other belongings that may have been in contact with the plant’s resin, an oily and sticky substance that can give you a rash. Avoid hot water and do not scrub the rash as it will only further irritate the rash. After you have dried it off, apply a hydrocortisone ointment on it. Rub the ointment twice a day until its gone. Never scratch a rash. If it gets really itchy, apply a cool compress on it. You can also try allergy medication to reduce itchiness and discomfort.

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Sunburn: The Number One Face Skin Problem In Summer

Sometimes people get sunburnt even if they remember to apply and reapply a sunblock. This happens because, in spite of their best efforts, they get too much sun. This is one of the most common summer skin problems. If this happens with you, get out of the sun first of all and stay out over the course of the next few days. This is because you would exacerbate the sunburn if you spend more time in the sun. To tackle this summer skin problem, apply some hydrocortisone ointment. It doesn’t work right away but you will see it soothing the burn in a couple of hours. Alternatively, you may apply aloe vera on sunburn. However, steer clear of gels that contain alcohol as they can irritate sensitive skin. You can use fresh aloe vera gel, fresh from the plant. If you do not have aloe vera on hand, just keep a gentle moisturizer in the fridge and apply it on the sunburn. The cooling sensation would be very hydrating and it will also help repair the skin. Avoid the temptation to scrub away the peeling skin or pop the blister as this will just irritate your skin and prolong the healing process.

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Heat Rashheat rash summer skin problems

Heat rashes are also one of the most common summer skin problems. Sometimes when your pores get clogged because of sweat, dead skin cells, and bacteria, it can lead to inflammation without infection. If you develop a heat rash, try to stay out of the heat and the humidity. This will make the rash go away. Try to wear loose-fitting clothes to prevent friction against the sweaty areas. Try to wear wicking fabrics during a workout. They help draw moisture away from the body. If the rash is itchy, apply a cortisone cream.

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Athlete’s Foot

The soaring temperatures sometimes make the skin between your toe itchy and it may even peel. You can apply an over the counter anti-fungal cream between your toes to solve this problem. However, Athlete’s foot could take a couple of weeks to heal, so do not expect to see immediate results. You can prevent it from returning by applying anti-fungal powder on your feet and footwear. If your feet are really sweaty, change apply the powder again and change your socks.

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