Who does not want to smell nice? Every man and woman love exquisite fragrances and odors. They like to wear beautiful smells to feel fresh and nice. A spray of perfume can do wonders. It can elevate your mood, can make you ready to go out without any extra effort, can make you smile, can make you a pleasant companion and give you a personality boost. Beautiful scents are a great luxury that every man and woman like to enjoy.

Similarly a scented atmosphere can have great effect on your home environment. It relieves you from stress and fatigue. Creates a warm and soothing atmosphere and make your home a comfort zone, with a cozy and welcoming feel.

Now a days a number of beautiful scents and fragrances are available in different forms and shapes for every corner of your home. Gone are the days when perfumes and colognes were the only sources of great smell. There are a number of other alternatives too, that you can choose to make your house and your body smell great.

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Here are some great ways that you can turn the atmosphere of your home to a sweet smelling heaven with these beautiful scents.

  1. Scented Candles

Scented candles are not only great scent diffusers but also budget friendly way to scent up your whole house. You can place them all over the house in strategic places like near the entrance so whenever a person enters the home he feels the fragrance. Place it in the bedroom on the night stands, so after a romantic night you do not have to get up and turn them off (remember never leave burning candles while going to sleep). Place them in the bathroom too when you want to have a nice long relaxing bubble soak. Remember to buy beautiful candles so you can place them everywhere for decoration purposes too. Because if you store scented candles to take them out when you are feeling down or when you are having guests over, chances are that they would remain stored and at the main time either you will be too tired to bring them out and light them or you might forget about them altogether.

So place them in handy places where they are easy to light whenever you are feeling down or want a romantic atmosphere.

Candles are better than other scent diffusers because they serve the dual purpose of not only spreading the sweet fragrance but also give a romantic glow to the background. Dim down the light play soft music and light up a bunch of scented candles and you have the most romantic atmosphere that you can ever dream of.

Here are some tips to buy the best scented candles for better results

  • If there is a manufacturing date, do check it out. Candles lose their fragrance over time so try to buy newly manufactured ones.
  • If the smell is very strong when you are buying the scented candle, then it is a good sign and you should go for it. The aroma tones down with time.
  • If you find a good deal and want to stock up on your favorite scented candles, do not take off the wrappings of the candles. Otherwise the scent might wear off with time.
  • Buy candles that match your room colors to serve as decoration pieces also.
  • According the renowned perfumer Rayda Vega, this is the tip to check the quality of the candle

“Rub your finger on the wax around the wick to release the fragrance before you sniff. And beware of liquid beading on top. That’s the sign of a poorly made candle. It means the fragrance and the wax aren’t compatible.”

Here are some great, sweet smelling fragrances available in all perfume stores.

  • Joya’s Luscious Vanilla Dragon-fruit candle
  • Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom candle
  • Tocca’s Collette candle
  • juicy grapefruit candle

Another interesting thing is that now almost all your favorite perfumes are available as scented candles and you can enjoy their smell all over your home.

beautiful scents beautiful scents

  1. Incense

Burning incense is the ancient way of spreading sweet smell throughout your home. The incense sticks are usually available in flowery or traditional smells. The sweet smells of the incense sticks or logs or cones linger much after the actual incense is burnt out. Earlier (and even today in many areas of the world) it was believed that incense burning will ward off any influences of evil eye from your home. People in India and Middle East burn incense everyday with this belief. While in other Asian countries like Pakistan and Nepal, it is burnt on holy ceremonies like funerals and death anniversaries for purity and goodness to the departed soul.

No matter what your beliefs are, the main purpose of the incense is to create a lasting fragrance.

There are beautiful incense holders available in the market and you can buy them not only for holding incense but also for decorative purposes. https://roksa.ch. Here are some great incense fragrances available.

  • Sandalwood
  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Spice Mix (that has the mixed aroma of Sandalwood, cinnamon, nutmeg and some other spices.

beautiful scents

  1. Scent diffusers

Scent diffusers are also great fom for spreading fragrances all over your home. They are especially good when you want a constant smell but cannot leave a burning candle or incense. Of course the candle or incense will burn away the effect won’t last more than twenty four hours but with scent diffuser, once it is placed, it will keep on working until all the oil in it is used up. Then you can easily refill it with new oil.

beautiful scents beautiful scents

Scent diffusers might seem expensive as compared to incense or scented candles but they work long term. You can make your favorite custom smells by filling the diffuser with your favorite natural oils.

Here are some unique fragrances and blends commonly available in scent diffusers.

  • Rosemary and Sandalwood
  • Balsam
  • Lavender and Rosemary
  • Lemon Verbena

You can also make a scent diffuser at home by using natural oils of your liking, a carrier oil like jojoba or almond, a container to contain the oils and reed sticks to diffuse the fragrance. Carrier oil is essential to make the natural oil easily diffusible into the surroundings. For one fourth cup of carrier oil, around twenty drops of essential oil of your choice is required. You can also add more than one essential oils to get a better result.

Air fresheners (sprays and sachets)

Air fresheners are also a great way to spread fragrance throughout your home. However sometimes people especially kids who have asthma or other respiratory issues might find them irritable. The effect of the air freshener is not long lasting. Once you spray it, it does clear the air from all sorts of bad odours but for a short span of time. If you burnt something in kitchen or someone with really smelly feet took off their shoes for a while, the air freshener fragrances can help. In the meantime, open the windows and switch on the exhaust fan, so that the bad odor does not come back.

The automatic spray is great when you are having guests over. You can set the frequency to medium or high depending upon the amount of guests present. When you have a large party over, the automatic air freshener spray is great to keep the air clean and breathable with smokers and non-smokers alike.

Sweet smelling bars and sachets of air fresheners are much long lasting than the air fresheners. You can put the sachets in strategic locations like the scented candles. The sachets work great for bathrooms and laundry rooms where there is a chance of bad odors.

Although all kind of air fresheners are of beautiful scents, here are some smells that might attract you.

  • Mint
  • Peppermint and Rose
  • Gardenia
  • Glade

Other methods to add beautiful scents in your homes

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If you are really into scenting up your entire home, there are a number of other steps that you can take to make your surroundings full of aroma all the time.

Use a fabric softener for your dirty linen. If you use a good and sweet smelling fabric softener, all your clothes will have a sweet smell thus making the overall atmosphere sweet. This is much better when all your towels, bed sheets and pillow cases smell beautiful.

Using scented soaps and shampoos keep the washroom with a lingering smell of the cleaners thus making the air perfumed.

Keep the house clean all the time. Dispose off garbage as frequently as you can. While doing cooking keep the exhaust and window open. If you have a small place, then avoid cooking stinky stuff like fish indoors. Take it outside for BBQ or grill.

Use dish washing soap and floor cleaning liquids that have great smells. All the bathroom cleaning utensils also come in scented versions. Try to use them to get the maximum service to the customer.

Here are some great ways in which you can keep your home fragrant and fresh. Which according to you is the best method to keep your home full of beautiful scents. Share you view about beautiful scents by commenting below.


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