K-beauty has really taken the world by strong. While K-beauty is here to stay, it certainly doesn’t mean that we will stop taking inspiration from other countries! These days, people are dying to know Scandinavian beauty secrets. And there is a good reason behind it: the Scandinavian women. Women hailing from Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are in a league of their own! The world is fascinated with their beauty. And now, the world wants to know what is it that makes Scandinavian women so beautiful. Today, we are going to tell you Scandinavian beauty secrets that we know you have been waiting for!

Scandinavian Beauty Secrets

Scandinavian Women Understand The Importance Of HydrationScandinavian beauty products

Scandinavian countries experience warm summers and really cold winters. So, Scandinavian women try to make sure that their skin is properly hydrated and moisturized. They stick to a skincare routine which involves cleansing oils, facial mists, serums and sheet masks. Particularly during the harsh winter, women in Scandinavian countries use a cleansing oil to cleanse their skin without drying it out. After that, they use a serum and a day cream for hydration. They tend to pick serums and creams packed with antioxidants to fight wrinkles and keep their skin smooth and moisturized. They prefer lighter formulas to heavier ones as they are easier to absorb.

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Scandinavian ladies really love to unwind at the sauna and detoxify their body. This is just another example of their holistic approach towards beauty. Saunas can help your body get rid of toxins and infections. When you go to a sauna, you sweat, which helps your body detoxify as the steam opens the pores of the skin and remove impurities. This helps you get rid of skin problems such as acne and blackhead. Moreover, sweating can improve skin cell turnover. Apart from that saunas can help make your skin younger looking and healthier, thereby reducing signs of aging.

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Mini Facials Every Now And ThenScandinavian beauty products

Mini facials are fun and do not require a lot of effort. All you need is a muslin cloth to steam clean your pores. First of all, apply a cleanser to your skin and soak the muslin cloth in hot water. Hold it to your face for steaming. After that, lather your cleanser and soak the cloth again in hot water. Repeat the process and then wipe off the cleanser with the muslin cloth. Your face will feel incredibly clean and fresh once you are done.

Face Mists Over Toners

Another Scandinavian beauty secret is using a face mist instead of a toner. Mists are really hydrating and are easier to layer. Apart from that, they also use sheet masks once or twice a week to keep their skin glowing and fresh. So far, it may seem as if Scandinavian beauty routine is not a lot different than that of people in the other parts of the world. However, the quality of their products and the quantity they use is different. Scandinavian products are high performing. Scandinavian women like to use products which are easy to use and offer multiple benefits. Their beauty routine is more result oriented.

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Home FragranceScandinavian beauty products

Another Scandinavian beauty secret is to cultivate a relaxed environment at home. A good way to create a good environment is to invest in a good fragrance. You can either go for a good scented candle or a soothing incense. Burning essential oils can also remove toxicity from your home. Home fragrances can also very be uplifting and increase your energy levels.

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Always Use Sunscreen

Although we think that Scandinavian countries have a really nice cloudy and snowy weather, they do get plenty of sunlight too. That’s why Scandinavian women never step out without putting sunscreen first. If you want a perfect complexion, sunscreen is a must. Otherwise, you run the risk of premature aging and photosensitivity reactions.

Natural IngredientsScandinavian beauty products

Scandinavian countries are known for their rich natural resources. So, their companies have tapped into these resources and use it to formulate their beauty products. They source the finest ingredients for their products.

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Omega Oils

Not only is the Scandinavian diet rich in omega oils (fish), but even their skincare products and makeup contain omega oils. Omega oils are really hydrating and ideal for maintaining skin’s lipid barrier.

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Holistic ApproachScandinavian beauty products

Another Scandinavian beauty secret is taking a holistic approach. They know skincare, diet, makeup, and exercise are all connected. They try to find a balance. They eat the right things, exercise, take care of their skin and try to stay happy. They understand that when you are happy and relaxed, your skin glows from within. So, Scandinavian women maintain an active lifestyle and keep a colorful diet. They eat berries and fish a lot. They also try to spend time outside in fresh air.

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Ice Cold WaterScandinavian beauty products

Another Scandinavian beauty secret is washing your face with ice cold water. They also rinse their body with ice cold water while showering. Showering with ice cold water in an ancient technique. It is called hydra therapy. It almost resets the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. It is like a lymphatic massage or a therapy session. It is also stress busting and takes away anxiety and nervousness.

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Minimal Makeup

When it comes to makeup, Scandinavian women take a minimal approach. They prefer high quality and environmental friendly formulas. They prefer a looks that’s simple, fresh, and chic. They are not a big fan of foundation and instead focus on achieving a flawless complexion to avoid dependency on foundation. As with skin care products, they focus on quality and performance when it comes to makeup. They prefer few products that work.

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Don’t Forget Your HairScandinavian beauty products

Scandinavians also take care of their scalp health. If you want gorgeous hair, a healthy scalp is a must. Just like your facial skin, your scalp is subjected to pollution, dehydration, irritation, and product build up. So, it makes sense to take good care of your scalp too. So, if you want hair, go for products that can multitask. It is a Scandinavian beauty secret to choose hair products that offer multiple benefits.

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It is a good idea to take inspiration from different countries in the world. Scandinavian beauty trends have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. However, in the end, women of all countries follow some basic rule such as moisturizing, de-stressing, and applying sunscreen. So no matter which country’s beauty philosophy you are a fan of, don’t forget the basics!

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Are you a bigger fan of K-beauty or Scandinavian beauty? Let us know in the comments below!

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