With the arrival of fall, a lot of people are complaining about apathy, worsening mood, and loss of energy and strength. As many as one in five people start complaining about the bad mood in the fall season. Why is that so? And what is the difference between depression and autumn blues? When should you be concerned and reach out to a professional to get medically treated? Read on to find out about the difference between depression and autumn blues!

Depression And Autumn Bluesautumn blues

In autumn, a lot of people complain about worsening mood. This is often because of physiological reasons. When the length of the day reduces, the production of serotonin decreases. Serotonin is a hormone that is responsible for good mood. On the other hand, the synthesis of melanin, which is responsible for your sleeping cycle, increases. SO, you will more lazy and sleepy throughout the day. You also find it difficult to wake up in autumn for the same reason. People who have a normal emotional background might not notice these changes. However, people who deal with stress and mood swings might see their mood worsening in the fall. People who suffer from low self-esteem, are often more melancholic during the fall. Their health might also deteriorate with the changing season. A reason behind this might be that as soon as a person starts getting used to a season, a new season arrives and their body is thrust into a different mode of operation.

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So, most often, people are suffering from psychological conditions and they assume that it is autumn blues they are suffering from. In fact, there is no concept of autumn blues in clinical psychology.  Unlike depression, autumn blues cannot be diagnosed medically. Yellowing leaves, reduction in daylight, and lack of sunlight are perceived by many as a loss unconsciously. This makes them sad. If you suppress these feelings, they can turn in to depression. After a green and bright summer, fall might look gloomy. This might make people recall what they lack in life- care, affection, attention, closeness, love, and understanding. It is really important to be self-reliant and self-sufficient during times like these.

autumn blues

The autumn blues have two particular symptoms: a reduction in vitality and a deterioration in mood, What’s required here is that you quickly adapt to the changing season. Try to stop the situation from becoming protracted as that can lead to other symptoms.

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Depression is a state which does not let you live your life to the fullest. It can even lead to suicidal thoughts. Depression is often treated by drugs. Around 5% of the population is currently battling depression. Depression is characterized by a total lack of interest in everything, apathy, a feeling of uselessness, a reduction in energy and strength, and indifference to everything happening around you. People suffering from depression find it hard to communicate with others. Nothing diverts their mind, be it a hobby, company, or events. People suffering from depression often become a recluse and avoid social gatherings.

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Not all kinds of depressions are like, there are many variations. Organic depression arises because of hereditary or acquired defect of the nervous system. Endogenous depression develops because of genetic predisposition. Iatrogenic depression can be the side effect of a medication. Psychogenic depression can arise because of a reaction of the psyche to unfavorable events. Apart from that symptomatic depression related to changes in the hormones can also be identified. Prolonged alcohol use or dependence on the drug can also lead to depression and physical diseases.

autumn blues

Adults are not only one who suffers from depression, adolescence can be diagnosed with it too. Every kid gets sad, irritated, angry or impressed sometimes. This is normal. When kids are growing up and undergoing hormonal changes, parents need to be a lot more attentive. If the bad mood lasts for a long period of time, it is advisable to consult a doctor or psychologist. There are three signs of depression. A low mood all the time can signal constant depression. People suffering from depression have a lack of interest in life. Sometimes, the thinking process also slows down and it gets difficult to concentrate. The speed of reaction also decreases and the movement is inhibited. A person suffering from depression may also move and talk slowly. If these symptoms are missing, you might not be suffering from depression but seasonal mood changes like autumn blues instead. 

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There are two main ways to treat depression: psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological treatments. Medicamental treatment includes the use of the latest antidepressants. Their main task is the suppression of somatic and vegetative dysfunctions. Psychotherapeutic treatment is consistent and stepwise. In severe cases, these two treatments are combined. If you are just suffering from the autumns blues, you do not need antidepressants. Go for a walk, look after yourself, or try something interesting and new. You can also try light therapy which involves adding bright colors to the interior. This will mask some of the darkness around.

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You must never ignore physical activity. When you are playing a sport, your brain is saturated actively with oxygen and it synthesizes endorphins. These are the happiness hormones. Spend more times with friends as it will help you unwind. Go for swimming or yoga. Spend time doing what brings you joy. When you will make room for positive emotions there will be no room for the negative ones.

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While you do not need to prepare for autumn blues in advance, a special diet might help yo survive. This does not mean you should prepare months in advance as this might give you anxiety instead. Just do some self-programming. Make changes to your daily routine if required. Get plenty of rest. Eat foods rich in tryptophan such as cheese, dates, meat, cottage cheese, nuts, sesame, legumes, peanuts, mushroom, and yogurt. It is an amino acid and is a precursor of serotonin. A deficiency can cause vitamin B3 hypovitaminosis.

autumn blues

Plan your day in advance as it will help you relax and make you feel in charge of control. Change activities. For instance, if our whole day is spent looking at the computer, take a walk in the evening.

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Many alternative treatments are also available now. You can use vitamins and dietary supplements. You can try relaxation therapies. You can try meditation and gymnastics. All of these can really help you relax and unwind. However, it is always a good idea to visit a doctor and find out if it is depression you are suffering from.

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Please, note that this blog post is merely for informative purpose only and does not encourage you to take any course of action. For any medical treatment, you should consult your doctor.

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