It’s a good idea to be proactive. Most people start looking for anti-aging secret when they start noticing fine lines and wrinkles, but you should actually start using anti-aging products from your 20s. There are a lot of things that you do every day which determine how you will age. So, if you want to age gracefully, read on to find out some of the best kept anti-aging secrets!

Anti-Aging Secrets

Sunscreenanti-aging secrets

All of us have heard this before, but somehow we never really follow this advice. If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of sunscreens, you are in the wrong! Sunscreen can actually make a lot of difference. It is one of the best ways to keep your skin healthy and young. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can be very damaging to your skin. Prolonged exposure to sunlight with no sunscreen can lead to brown spots and wrinkles. So, never step out without your sunscreen on. This doesn’t just apply to people living in sunnier places but even those who live in cloudier places. It is a good idea to apply a sunscreen 30 minutes before you intend to step out of your house.

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Dark Circles

If you think your under eye area has become puffy in recent times, it might be more appropriate to consider lack of sleep and seasonal allergies instead of rushing out to buy that miracle eye cream you saw on Instagram. Apart from that drink more water and try to sleep earlier. However, if you see no improvements and puffiness and dark circles remain the same, you might want to give a hydrating eye cream a shot.

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Don’t Be Obsessed With Expensive Productsanti-aging secrets

Some really good products come with a high price tag, but that doesn’t mean that every expensive product is effective. When we splurge on an expensive skin care product, we expect it to work like a miracle. However, an expensive product is not necessarily a premium product. Some drugstore products work better than expensive products and give great results. Sometimes, a higher price may reflect a higher concentration of an active ingredient or better quality ingredients, but this might not always be true. Even inexpensive products can produce great results sometimes. You should focus more on the ingredients list before buying a product, not on the brand.

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Stay Away From Generic Skin Care

Although you do not need to spend a lot on skin care products, learn to differentiate between drugstore product with a brand name and a generic one. A lot of generic products are packaged just like the original and might even have the same ingredients list, but the quality of the ingredients can greatly vary. Moreover, it also matters how the ingredients were formulated. We do not think that price equates quality always but make sure whatever you buy is authentic. Sketchy ingredients can do more harm than good.

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A No Frills Cleanseranti-aging secrets

Just like any other skin care product, an expensive cleanser will not necessarily be more effective. A fancy cleanser is not going to transform your skin overnight, and it might be a better idea to look for a lower cost alternative instead. After all, why splurge where you don’t have to. A cleanser is supposed to remove makeup, oil, and dirt from your skin without messing with the PH level. The ingredients required to create a cleanser aren’t expensive. In fact, some of the best selling cleansers on the marker are pretty affordable. So, make the bests of your bucks and avoid splurging where it doesn’t make sense.

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A Serum Is A Must

This is one of the anti-aging secrets that everyone needs to know. Serums are used before the moisture. A lot of people skip serums and that’s a grave mistake. Serums play a very important role. They are formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients. Serums are also lightweight so they can go deeper into your skin easily. Look for serums which contain amino acids and ceramides to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier, and antioxidants, which fight the free radicals and keep your skin looking young.

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Fine Lines Cannot Completely Go Awayanti-aging secrets

Fine lines form when the skin is repeatedly folded because of underlying muscles. When we are younger, our skin is healthy and has a strong foundation which overcomes folding and retains its original shape. However, as we grow older, this foundation weakens. Although topical creams can help strengthen the skin barrier, they cannot completely take away wrinkles. However, that doesn’t mean they are useless as they do help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

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Every Season Is Sunscreen Season

You need to apply a sunscreen even when it’s cloudy or snowy. Even 10 to 15 minutes of incidental sun exposure every day can add up and lead to sun damage and accelerate photoaging. To keep your skin looking young and healthy, apply sunscreen every day, no matter what the season as. Even every day brief exposure to the sun can cause significant damage. So, never underestimate how damaging the sun could be for your skin and apply sunscreen always.

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Use Retinolanti-aging secrets

This is also one of the best anti-aging secrets. Topical retinoids work great! A lot of studies support the safety and effectiveness of retinoids. A lot of over the counter products are available now which contain retinol and work great, especially for people with sensitive skin.

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Collagen Supplementsanti-aging secrets

Collagen is a protein which is the building block of your skin, hair, and nails. Collagen supplements contain peptides and amino acids which increase the production of collagen. So, collagen supplements can greatly help if you have a deficiency. However 16 types of collagen exist, so make sure you get the right one. Hydrolyzed collagen is really easy to digest as it gets broken down into small forms if amino acids and peptides, You can either take pills or powders.

Don’t Follow Fads

Just because a product is all the rage right now doesn’t mean you need to buy it. Don’t gauge the effectiveness of a product based on its popularity. Just because something is trending right now, doesn’t mean you are obliged to buy it and it will actually work for you. Instead of buying products based on Instagram posts, look for statistics and scientific studies.

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Dietanti-aging secrets

This is one of the most effective anti-aging secrets. It’s actually true that you are what you eat! It is not wise to waste time and money on skin care products when your diet is unhealthy. Your skin reflects your overall health and your diet plays a crucial role in the appearance of your skin. For instance, sugar is not so great for your skin. It can lead to premature aging. Similarly, oily and greasy foods are not your best friend if you desire a healthy and youthful skin.

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It is a very good idea to take a holistic approach towards things. Stress can accelerate the aging process so try to manage your stress levels if you want to age gracefully. Do things that make you feel happy. When you feel bogged down because of works or life problems, just take some time off. In fact, try to take some time off every week and pamper yourself. Too much work can lead to burn out. Do yoga and meditation. Try going for a walk every day.

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Try these anti-aging secrets if you want to age gracefully. These are some of the best kept anti-aging secrets of dermatologists from around the world. Moreover, most of the things advised are pretty easy to follow. In a nutshell, just have a good diet, be physically active, never forget sunscreen, and use retinol and serums.

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Share your anti-aging secrets with us in the comments below!

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