Having thin hair can be a bit of a problem. Your hair looks limp and lifeless. The lack of volume doesn’t compliment your face. There aren’t too many styles you can pull off. If your hair is both thin and fine, then the problems increase. Did you know that you can make your thin hair look better by avoiding some styling mistakes? Here is a list of thin hair mistakes to avoid.

Thin Hair Mistakes To Avoid

Wanting Long Hairthin hair mistakes

If you have thin and fine hair, give up on your Rapunzel dreams. Fine and thin hair is damage prone. Since the ends of your hair are the oldest part of your hair, they are already pretty damaged. This is one of the reasons why it is hard to grow out thin hair. Fine and thin hair breaks off very easily. That’s why you can’t make them grow really long. So, if you have fine and thin hair, stick to a short hairstyle.

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Going Overboard With Conditionerconditioner

Conditioner makes your hair silky and smooth, which makes fine hair look limp. If you have really thin and fine hair, you do not really need a conditioner. If you think your hair looks damaged and dry without a conditioner, use it sparingly only at the ends of your hair. Using a lot of it or applying it to your scalp will make your hair look limp. DO not use leave-in conditioners at all.

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Not Going For Layers

Layers are a great hair style for thin hair. Layers can help you remove a little weight and release some hair. This will give your hair more volume. You will have more movement, and this will make your thin hair look thicker.

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Wanting Silky Hairsilky hair shampoo

We all desire silky hair, but those of us with thin and fine hair are actually better off without silky hair. If you have fine hair, you will need to let go of your desire to have silky hair if you want more volume and body. If you use oils, conditioners, and other products that make your hair silky, you will actually end up with limp hair. Silky hair shouldn’t be the goal for all hair types. If you already have soft hair, d not try to make it softer. You will benefit my making it look a little rough. So, if you have thin and fine hair, stay away from all the products that claim to make your hair silky and soft. Go for products that give your hair a grip such as beach sprays. Products like these will give your hair a lift.

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Not Washing As Often As You Should

One of the biggest thin hair mistakes to avoid is not shampooing hair enough. If you have thin and fine hair, you may have noticed that grease starts to set in your hair hours after shampooing. So if your hair gets really greasy, you should wash it out. Make sure you use a sulfate free shampoo though. You do not want to subject your hair to harsh treatments. If you don’t want to shampoo every day (which you shouldn’t), just make sure you rinse your hair with water every day. Alternatively, look for natural ingredients that remove the greasiness from hair.

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Using Shampoo Liberallyfine hair mistakes

Another of the thin hair mistakes to avoid is using a lot of shampoo. While you must shampoo as required, you shouldn’t use a lot by any means. A lot of shampoo can weigh your hair down, and that’s the last thing a person with thin and fine hair wants. Using a small dollop the size of a chickpea or two is enough. Obviously, if you have oiled your hair (which you should), you would need a little more. The idea is to just use as much as you require. It is also important t shampoo correctly. Do not apply shampoo directly to your hair. Leather it in your hands with some water first before massaging your scalp with it. This will distribute the shampoo evenly on your hair.

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Going For the Wrong Style

If you have really thin hair, you need a stylist who knows what will work on your hair. Take inspiration from other ladies with similar hair and try to see what works for them. It is foolish to aim for a style that looks good on someone with thick hair. That style just won’t look the same on you. Talk to your stylist about the looks that can wrk for you and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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Not Blow Dryinghair dryer

Regular use of heat tools is a big no-no. But, during special occasions, you should go for a blow dryer by all means. A good blow dry will liven up your lifeless hair. Heat expands hair shaft which gives your hair volume. You can also blow dry your hair upside down to give it maximum volume. To avoid damage, use a heat protectant and use low heat settings. After blow drying each portion, use a setting spray or use the cool button to make sure the blow dry stays.

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Choosing The Wrong Hair Color

A weird theory is that even though hair color damages your hair, a little damage is actually good for fine hair as it gives your hair more movement. Color also makes the hair cuticle swell, which makes your hair appear thicker. Make sure you choose a color that complements your fine and thin hair though. Make sure you get your hair colored from a reputable salon and from a qualified stylist, as damage is something you can’t afford.

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Avoid the thin hair mistakes listed above to make your hair look a little more voluminous. Obviously, you do not need to follow all the tips. Stick to the ones that you think will suit your hair. Everyone’s hair is different, and the same advice doesn’t work the same for everyone. Try to play it safe as you don’t want to damage your already thin and fine hair.

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What are some of the thin hair mistakes to avoid according to you? Let us know in the comments below!