Were your born with nice, thick, wavy, lustrous locks? Or are you stuck with thin and lifeless locks? Hair is your crowning glory, as is often said. While genetics do have a role play, a lot of things that you do, and do not do also have a part to play in your hair health. Sometimes we take rigorous care of our hair and they still stay limp and lifeless. This is even more confusing and frustrating because it makes it difficult for you to figure out what is wrong. It may also anger you that the different hair hacks you have been using are not working. Is there a possibility that you are doing certain things wrong?

Things You Are Doing Incorrectly With Your Hair

Brushing Wet

Do not compromise the health of your mane by immediately brushing them after a shower. This can cause serious damage because it can make locks weak and fall out. Use a wide toothed comb instead to untangle your strands after a shower. These are designed to be used after shower and wont cause your locks to break and fall down. There could be nothing more careless than spending thousand of rupees on a shampoo, only to damage it after a shower with brushing!

use a wide toothed comb

Rubbing Head With Shower

Do not rub your mane after a shower with a towel. This is something most of us are guilty of doing. We have been taught from the beginning to dry strands this way but in fact, it can be very dangerous for your mane. You are pulling out hair this way and asking for damage. Instead, rub your locks gently with a towel. Pat it on your mane. It may take a while to get used to this way of drying, but it will be so worth it in the end. Rubbing your mane can also make it frizzy.

High Heat

Do you curl, straighten, or blow dry your mane on one of the highest heat settings possible? Congratulations, you are single handedly responsible for damaging your hair! It is a serious hair crime. It’s a misconception that styling tools won’t work well if they aren’t as hot as possible. Your styling tools will still do the trick on medium heat settings. It will also be good for your hair in the long run. So next time you use heat for your hair, do not be so generous!hair

Spraying At The Wrong Time

Have you ever sprayed your mane while it’s in the straightening iron and heard the sizzling sound? That is the sound of your hair frying. When the alcohol in your hair spray meats your hot styling tool, it is a match made in hell because it burns! This is a recipe for disaster. https://petitsecret.ch. Wait a while between spraying and using the tool. Do not destroy your hair if you are in a rush or it will cost you in the long run!

Not Providing Nourishment

If you do not treat your locks with a deeply nourishing treatment once a week, it is wrong. Once a week, treat your hair to extra TLC with a hair smoothie that has olive, shea butter, and cocoa in it. Your hair will get shiny and manageable! Our hair needs a deep conditioning treatment every once in awhile to get nutrients it needs to stay healthy and bouncy.

Over Shampooing

Do not shampoo daily. Shampooing daily strips your locks of its natural oil and disturbs its ph balance. This makes your hair produce more oil, making you shampoo even more. This way you get trapped in a viscous cycle. Break the cycle by reducing the frequency of shampooing. Persevere even if you feel as if your mane is full of grease. Your mane will get used to it in no time. Use gentle, sls free shampoos and throw out your harsh shampoos. Harsh shampoos only do more damage and make your hair fall out in the long run. You do not want that. Look in to no shampoo methods to research ad adopt the alternatives.

Tieing Wet Hair

Do not tie your locks while it is still wet. Hair tends to expand when it’s wet, and contract when it gets dry. So if you tie your mane when still wet, you are asking for damage. Wear it down while it is wet, and tie it only when it is completely dry.

Conditioning Wet Hair

Do not use conditioner on your mane while it is still wet. Squeeze out the excess water gently with your hand. Apply conditioner only to your ends, not on the roots. The root does not need extra moisturization that conditioner gives, only strands require it. Do not condition very often. Thrice a week is enough. Invest in a good quality, safe conditioner or look for natural alternatives.

Going To Bed With Wet Hair

Going to sleep with your mane wet causes a lot of friction. When you are asleep and move your hair it can cause a lot of frizz . Dry your locks properly before you sleep. The difficulty is when you go to bed with locks wet the cuticle is not sealed and with the friction from moving around a, it can cause frizz.

Not Using A Hair Protectant

Be sure to use a heat protectant before you use a styling tool. Styling tools can damage your locks because of the heat. Heat protectants will act as a barrier and protect your hair to a large extent from heat damage. This is a must if you use hot tools regularly. Do not get lazy with this step, or it will lead to damage in the long run.hair

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What are some of the hair-care habits you swear by? Are there any family kept hair care secrets? Let us know!

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