How to become more intelligent is the desire of many people and they want to get smarter to become successful people. In today’s world successful people are not necessarily extremely hard workers they are smart workers. Although no one is relaxing the value and importance of hard work but life is very quick today and you need to become smarter and intelligent to cope with the break neck competition.

Here we will share very easy and interesting ways in which you can boost up your intelligence level. To become smarter is not very difficult. Some people are born smart but those who are not can indulge in one of these smartness boosting exercises to become smarter and be successful in life.

Here is how you can get smarter faster. Of course you cannot get smarter everyday but through these healthy habits you can surly get smarter everyday.

Reading Books To get smarter

The best and the easiest way to get smarter is to read lots and lots of books. Earlier books were the only means to gain knowledge and get all kinds if information. Although there are a number of other means today too through which one can get information like the internet and television but books are still the best source of information. Other sources provide you with a number of distractions too and you can easily get distracted while trying to get useful information out of the internet or the television.

One might wonder, which books make you smarter? Almost all kinds of books. There is a wide range of books on literature and fiction too and sometimes people think that reading just fiction based books will not make you that much smarter but that is not true. Reading good books about literature and fiction can also make you a lot smarter and give you knowledge too.

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Meditation makes you smarter

Meditation is another very relaxing and calming hobby that makes you smarter and more attentive. It literally open up your mind and make you connected to and more aware of your surroundings. It will calm you down and you would stop worrying about all the negative things. Through meditation you can surly increase and enlighten the power of your mind because it is something that will make you brain more receptive towards positive things and positive energy.

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Thus in the end you will become smarter and more knowledgeable through meditation. I would recommend doing a ten to fifteen minutes meditation every day. It is easy to take out that much time every day for every one.

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Exercising to become smarter

Working out is another great hobby to get smarter. It not only makes you smarter but also makes you fit and healthy. A healthy body is a home to healthy mind so if you are healthy and fit then it will be relatively easier for you to learn more and grow your mental power. You can become smarter by exercising in different ways. If you are a beginner a walk for half an hour is good enough. You can start from fifteen minutes and then increase the duration.

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Apart from walking some cardio or basic yoga postures also do make you smarter as well as to look better.

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How to get smart through gardening

Everything that will connect you to the nature will groom your mind and make you more receptive towards knowledge and power of the cognizance. Also you learn so much through the habit of gardening. For example like how to grow a plant and how to take care of it. Which plants grow in which season? Which plants need more water or more care to grow better. In fact there is no end to learning once you start the hobby of gardening. Also it will make you more nurturing as growing plants will make you learn to care for other humans also.

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Getting smarter day by day through traveling

It has been rightly said that traveling makes you much more smarter and gives you a lot of insight. You can learn a thousand things at home but the practical experience that travel will give you is much more priceless and important. You do not need to do country hopping all the time to get to the well of knowledge. Visit farms or villages near your city. Even in your own city there must be a host of places which you have not explored. Go to historical sites and monuments as this will increase your knowledge as well as there is always something you can learn from history. Visit animal shelter, zoos, aquariums and safari parks. Even visiting new amusement parks that you have not visited before will increase your experience and make you smarter.

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Become smarter through nature watch

Being close to nature will make you open up your mind and be more receptive to learn and grow. It is not only the way to learn new things but also to grow both physically, mentally and spiritually. Go on long nature walks, visit parks and recreational areas that have lots of beauty and greenery. It will have a good effect on your health also.

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You can go on trekking, hiking, or simply walking on paths with lots of greenery. Visit areas that are in the bed of nature like valleys and meadows. This will open your mind and make you a better learner and receptor.

Be curious

The key to being smarter is to be a lot more curious than you already are. Question everything and try to find answer to your curiosity. Look into places which are of interest to you and which intrigue you. Use the internet, encyclopedias and other resources to have a great insight about people and your surroundings. Meet and greet new people. The more people you know the more you will learn from them and have new insights about different topics. You will learn about human nature too through interaction with new people. That is a good way to increase your human understanding. You can learn a lot through keenly observing your surroundings too. Try to look into how things are working about in your surroundings.

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Eat healthy and mind boosting foods

Eating healthy also makes you smarter. You might wonder how is that possible. It is easy. When you eat healthy you become healthy and your mind is free from the tensions and stress of bad health. You can struggle more to learn and understand more. Also there are foods that are good for your brain and boost your memory and concentration. You can also take vitamins supplements to make your body stronger and fulfill the requirements of the body if your food is not providing adequate nutritious.

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Use the resources on the internet

Internet is full of resources if you are not easily distracted by other useless stuff you can get a lot out of it. Use e-learning websites like coursera or Khan academy. You can read a number of blogs to get information on any topic you like. Even commonly accessible sites like Wikipedia are full of great many resources. You only need to visit with concentration and do not digress and go to music videos or funny videos on Youtube instead. Instead of wasting time in mindless videos or looking at pics of cuddly animal try to learn about stuff that really matter. There are top class courses available for free to learn or they require a minimum amount of fee. There are also a number of research papers and videos that you can watch to learn new things.

Become smarter by explaining things to others

Another great way to get smarter is to explain things to other. When you explain a concept to other people then you can make it more clear and understandable in your own mind. Learn the concept and then understand it on your own and then explain it to others who are willing to know about it. It will also make you think of new questions about the topic. Once you explain things to others, your understandability of the topic will increase and you would know what is the best possible solution for you.

Start in small steps and remain consistent

You can start doing the stuff that has been mentioned in this list taking small baby steps and increase your pace day by day. In this way you can literally get smarter every day. The key is to be consistent. Just remind yourself everytime you go online that you need to spend 15 to 20 minutes in something constructive before getting lost in the world of social media and or addictive games that would keep you hooked. Once your habit starts developing you yourself will feel the desire to know more.

These are the habits that you can develop to get smarter and intelligent. Even if you are not born smart it is something you can develop with time. Many people who are born smart would waste their smartness by not constantly feeding onto it. In order to become smart you have to get smarter everyday meaning you have to feed your brain and keep increasing on getting smarter.


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