Psychology has a lot of ways to asses your personality. One of those ways is assessing your personality based on your color choice. Who knew that favorite colors don’t just come handy while shopping, they also reveal a lot about personality.

Your Personality Based On The Color You Like


This color is usually not a favorite color since childhood. White tends to become favorable at times when a person is going through a transitional period. The following analysis will apply to both who like white and those going through a transitional phase. The latter might be a temporary display of the qualities mentioned until the transitional phase has passed. If you like white it means you are neat, hygienic, and immaculate in the way you look, in the presentation of your possessions like home, car etc.You have high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. You expect others to follow to your high standards.You are probably far-sighted, and have an optimistic nature. You are sensible, well-balanced, wise, and discreet. You are careful, practical and cautious with money.You think before acting. You do not have an impulsive behavior. You also have self control. You are poised, confident and self-assured at times when you are positive, but you can be choosy and fastidious when having a mood swing. You are sometimes very critical of yourself and others  but are fair and impartial too. You are self-sufficient and prefer solitude. But this trait may make you feel lonely sometimes. You sometimes wish to create simplicity in your life. You are nostalgic about your childhood and youth.You try to hide your flaws from others to come across as perfect. You appear shy, but you have strong beliefs about a lot of things and grab the opportunity to voice those beliefs. The challenge you face is to be open-minded and flexible. You need to communicate your needs and desires.

Redred color personality

Red shows energy, passion and action. It is a warm and positive color associated with most of our physical needs and our will to survive. It denotes a strong and powerful masculine energy. It is energizing. It excites emotions and motivates us to take action. It also signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities. People who like red are ambitious and determined. They are strong-willed and confident. Red reignites our physical life force. It can stimulate passions such as love, revenge, and anger. It is also used to express love. On Valentines day, you see red everywhere. Red can stimulate appetite, that is why it is also used in restaurants sometimes. It intensifies craving for food.  A surrounding that has a lot of red can cause people to become irritated and angry. A place lacking in the color red can make people cautious and fearful. In Eastern cultures like China red used for good luck. It is traditionally the color of choice for weddings. People who like the color red are often extroverts and optimists. They are courageous and confident.  They are action oriented and physically active.They are the center of attention.They also radiate energy. They are ambitious and competitive. They are able to gain the respect of people easily. They are explorers, entrepreneurs, and builders. They like to discover and build. They are also impulsive and are advised to think before acting. They lack patience.They do not procrastinate and they are hard workers. People who like red can be aggressive and get angry easily. They do not hold a grudge though. They have a strong desire for power and control. They are sometimes egoistic and over confident too.


You are optimistic, warm, extroverted and sometimes flamboyant. They are friendly and good natured. They are assertive and determined. They are light-hearted. They thrive on social contact and gatherings. They enjoy partying and socializing. They also like planning social events. They are the life of the party and talk loudly. They are charming and sociable. They can sometimes be a show-off. They get satisfaction from helping others. They are tolerant. They are a people person. Being alone makes them negative. They have an independent nature and find it difficult to commit. They like adventures and love to do outdoor adventures. They like to be physically active too.They are full of life determined and competitive. They thrive on challenges. They can sometimes be restless and impatient. They like to take risks, particularly those involving adventure. They don’t like housework as it is boring and mundane. They can easily get up after a setback in life. They are not patient at all. They can also become egotistical, aloof, self-centered and uncaring. When they are feeling fearful, they feel it feel it in their abdomen.


People who like yellow have a happy disposition. They are cheerful and fun to hang around with. They are creative and come up with new ideas. They are sometimes very critical of themselves as well as of others. They analyze everything and are methodical in thinking. They are impulsive and make decisions quickly. They have an independent streak and are selective with the choice of friends. They keep a small group of like-minded friends who are close. They use their mind to achieve goals instead of physical energy. They have a habit of hiding emotions. They are spontaneous and make decisions quickly. They often have a modern outlook. They like to try new technologies. They communicate well with like-minded people. They are good at networking socializing. They earn money easily but spend it carelessly. They are stubborn. They think they are very intelligent and well educated. They are good at things that involve mind, rather than physical energy. They like games like chess and crosswords. They dress well. They can be deceitful too sometimes. They can also be arrogant, proud and snobbish. Their deepest need is for logical order in everyday life and to expressive.


They are practical and down-to-earth people and love nature. They are stable and well balanced. They are kind, compassionate and generous. During a crisis, they remain calm and try to solve the problem. They are caring and nurturing and sometimes even neglect their own needs for others. They are intelligent and seek knowledge. They are quick learners too. They have a need to love and to be loved. They are like an open book and do not hide their feelings. They have a need to belong. They are gracious and well-mannered. They are good citizens. They like involvement is community groups. They high moral standards and try to do the right thing.They want acceptance, appreciation, and admiration for the good they do. They are loyal as friends and faithful as partners. They are not passionate, as they like balance, not extremism. They are strong-willed and do not take orders.They have a tendency to gossip. They love food and often find it very hard to lose weight. They are not risk-takers and are not action orientated. They are more of an observer. They are business orientated. Money is important to them but they are also generous. They get bored by details. They process information quickly, develop ideas, organize plans and delegate the rest to others. They are good at thinking of ideas but not good at executing them. They accumulate possessions but only those of high quality and good price. They are excellent psychologist, counselor, and social worker as they are good listeners. They see problems with empathy balanced analysis. They see both sides of the problems but stay respectful throughout. They are way too empathetic, so they must be careful not to get too involved. They are frank, social but also prefer peace. They are modest and patient. They look like they are innocent and naive but they are streetwise and astute. They can assess the personality of others without giving out much about themselves. They get envious and jealous easily.


People who like blue are usually conservative, trustworthy and reliable. They trust others and also have a need to be trusted. They are neither impulsive nor spontaneous. They take their time to process and share their feelings. They are sincere and genuine. They have a deep need for peace and harmony in everyday life. They benefit from daily meditation and alone time for reflection and self-discovery. They look confident and self-controlled, but they can be vulnerable too. They are even-tempered but can be moody and emotional sometimes. They are sensitive to the needs of others and caring with friends and family. They are friendly and sociable but prefer the company of a small group of close friends.They are rescuers and like to help others. They can be rigid and like to stick with what is familiar.  They look for direction and order in their homes and offices. They don’t like untidiness and unpredictability. They do not like to be in the limelight. They do not like conflict but are often the cause of conflicts. They are sometimes manipulative too. They are loyal and faithful marriage partners and are honest, trustworthy and sincere as a friend. They form strong attachments.They are emotional and are sensitive to the moods of others. They are sentimental and nostalgic. They are approachable and friendly and welcoming. They seek knowledge to gain wisdom. They are spiritual and religious and devoted to family, God, and other causes that are important to them. They can be cautious and worry about little things.

Black black

Prestige and power are very important to them. They are independent, determined and strong willed and they like to be in control. They can be conservative and conventional because black is restricting and confined. They are sometimes too serious. You sometimes appear intimidating to people. They have an authoritarian and dictatorial attitude.  They are not emotional and are dignified and sophisticated. They like to keep others at a distance, guarding their emotions and create a barrier between themselves and others. They look for protection from negativity around them. They to create an aura of mystery and intrigue. Sometimes people who like black are going through a stage of self-denial, and not allowing pleasure and joy into their life. They are not good at sharing their thoughts with others. They are methodical in their work. The color black allow people to retreat and hide from the world. They are often rebels too. They might have lost track of their life, and going through a negative phase.They sometimes suppress their desires and aspirations. Sometimes people retreat behind black during a difficult time such as a big illness or a time of grief.

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Colors are a great way to analyze people, but they are not always accurate. Two people who like the color can be worlds apart. Colors are just a general way to analyze people, and not all descriptions go for everyone.

What is your favorite color? Do you believe in analysis done on the basis of color? Share your thoughts with us below.

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