Contrary to popular belief, your intelligence isn’t fixed.  You can rewire your brain and get smarter. These seemingly simple tips and tricks can make you smarter and increase your IQ level.

Get Smarter With These Tips

Avoid Heating In Glass Containersget smarter with these tips

It is a terrible idea to reheat your food in plastic containers. Plastic contains chemicals such as phthalates and BPA which is bad for your brain. In fact, BPA may even lead to disruptions in learning and memory. It is best to eat fresh food and when you do need to reheat leftovers, go for a porcelain or a glass container. Never reheat your food by popping a plastic container in the microwave.

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Spend Time In Natureget smarter

We often underestimate the impact spending time in a natural atmosphere can have on us. According to a research, spending time in nature can increase your creative problem-solving ability by up to 50%! Basically, when you are in nature your depleted attention circuits are restored. This makes you more creative and improves your ability to solve problems.  Basically, when you are in nature, your prefrontal cortex relaxes. The prefrontal cortex is that part of the brain which deals with problem-solving, critical thinking, strategic planning, decision making and impulse control. If you can’t manage to go out, just look at pictures of nature to increase your attention span and improve your problem-solving ability. Try to go for a walk in the evening, or just look outside your window!

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Get Smarter By Sweating

Moving around is not just good for your body but also for your brain. Even a single exercise session causes neurochemical changes which enhance executive function. Even small exercise sessions can improve memory in learning. This could be because exercising increases oxygen flow to the brain. Apart from that, exercising improves your body’s ability to discard waste products from the brain. This can lift that foggy feeling you often experience.

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Brighter Lightsget smarter

Brighter Lights some really simple and straightforward tips which can make you smarter. For instance, just turn on the light! A study has revealed that exposure to bright light can improve the way you do tasks. On the other hand, your brain can lose 30% of its capacity to learn and memorize in dim lights. A lot of us do not realize that lights can have a physical impact on our body. When you expose yourself to certain lighting spectrums you can increase your focus, mental alertness, and cognitive performance. So, the next time you are doing an assignment on your computer, do not forget to turn the lights on!

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If you need to improve your cognitive abilities, you sure need a dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D is not found in a lot of food sources. Your best bet would oily fish and milk. That’s why it is imperative to spend some time in the sun as you can get vitamin D this way. Higher vitamin D levels can boost your cognition and improve your information processing speed. According to one study, consumption of vitamin D can improve performance on learning and memory-related tasks.

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Sleep Earlierget smarter

Have you noticed the onset of brain fog by midday when you had inadequate sleep the night before? Getting an adequate amount of sleep can enhance the performance of your brain. Basically, when you sleep your brain repairs itself. The fluid around the brain cells discards toxic proteins which gather in your brain while you are awake. A good night’s sleep can increase your attention span, alertness, thinking speed, problem-solving abilities, memory, and logical reasons. Adults should sleep for seven to nine hours.

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Write Down Notes

Although we are more accustomed to taking notes on our laptops and tablets now, next time when such a situation arises, take out your pen and paper instead. Apparently, writing something down on a paper helps your brain to retain it better. As per a research, people who take handwritten notes are more selective about what they jot down, so this extra processing helps them understand and remember the concepts better. In fact, even doodling makes you more productive. However, if you feel you are too tech savvy to take notes on a paper, use a stylus instead.

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One Task At A Time get smarter

Multitasking isn’t necessarily a sign of intelligence. When you try to focus on multiple things at once, you are not doing your brain a favor. This is because multitasking can lead to brain fatigue. Your brain can work better when it’s not being over utilized. It is more productive to do one thing at a time. Moreover, multitasking can negatively impact your performance. So, let your brain concentrate on one task at a time. When you are done, you can move to the next task. It is also a good idea to turn off the notifications of your phone while working as the constant buzzing of your phone can affect your ability to complete the task at hand. A quiet work place is ideal.

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Get Smarter By Properly Managing Your Online Timeget smarter

Don’t make every online break on Facebook and Instagram. You can use this time to get smarter and be more constructive. The internet is full of some great learning resources like tools for building vocabulary and online courses. So, try to do devote some of your online time to learn something new.

Get Smarter By Playing Board Games

Board games aren’t just fun but mentally challenging. It is a good idea to play board games such as bridge, Scrabble, Battleship, chess, Go, and Connect 4. Even solving puzzles is a good idea. For a next level brain boosting gaming session, try to play without looking at the board! Similarly, play Scrabble without seeking any help from books or hints!

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Most of these tips are easy to follow and can easily be incorporated into everyday life but in the long run, the reward is great. Like we said earlier, intelligence isn’t fixed. You can greatly enhance your cognitive abilities by doing a few simple things.
If you have any tips to get smarter, share with us in the comments below!

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