Summer is in full swing now in most parts of the world. The sweltering heat and the sultry atmosphere makes one hot and sweaty all the time. The summer heat leaves you lethargic and feeling dirty and smelly. So how do you pull yourself together and get out of the summer blues. Here in this article we give you best tips to beat the heat in summer.

Best tips to Beat the heat in Summer

 There is a dire need to keep yourself together in this season to function properly. Being energetic and quick is the requirement of this era be it any season of the year. You must not let the heat get to you and stop you from performing at your best in any way. So here are some of the best tips to beat the heat in summer.

Best Tips to beat the heat in summer

Use a sunblock to beat the sun

Whenever you go out from your house just do not under any circumstances forget to wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is your best friend in the summers. If you have to spend longer amount of time exposed to the sun, then along with the sunscreen wear a cap or take an umbrella with you. Exposure to the sun can cause you sun burns or tanning. Renew the layer of sunblock after six to seven hours in protect yourself constantly. Use the sunblock that suits your skin type.

Best tips to Beat the heat in Summer

Another bad effect of being exposed to the sun for a long period of time is dehydration hence keep water with you all the time to prevent water levels from being low.

Dress appropriately to beat the heat in summer

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Best tips to beat the heat in summer that we can give you is that you should dress accordingly to suit the weather. Wear clothes made from light fabrics that allow air to pass through easily so you would not sweat too much. Light colors are good for you in summers because they reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Dark colors do the opposite. So it is better to wear lighter shades in summer and darker shades in the winter season. Summer is the time of the year when you can try out shorts and sleeveless shirts. Sundresses are great for girls, they are especially designed for the summer season and will graceful and elegant as well as cool for the season.

Keep yourself hydrated

Best tips to Beat the heat in Summer

This is one advice that we cannot stress upon enough. Drink lots and lots of water to keep your body energized. Dehydration is a common problem in summers. Take lots of water and fruit drinks to get an extra dose of energy and fibers. You can drink infused water, smoothies, milk shakes and fresh juices. All of these are healthy options and also they don’t have too much calorie content. Avoid any type of sugars in drink. However when there is lack of hydration then giving your body a bust of sugar is also good.

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How to Avoid getting sick in the summer

Heat stroke, headaches, redness of the eyes are the common complaints that the people have during summer season. Remaining clean is the key to avoid all these. Take a shower every day to avoid bad smell and sweat. Wash you face three to four times daily. Change your clothes including undergarments every day. If you take care of yourself, only then can you have a healthy summer season.

Stomach flu and viral colds usually spread at the beginning of the summer season. Try to keep yourself safe from them. Also mosquitoes a the biggest pest and menace of this season. Take care that there are no mosquitoes around during the summer season. Use pesticide sprays or light mosquito repellent coils. A mosquito bite can make you sick so make sure your house is mosquito free.

Use summer accessories

One of the best tips to beat the heat in summer is to use the accessories especially designed for the summer season. Sun glasses are the most important summer aaccessory They protect the eyes from the sun’s UV rays. The UV rays can permanently harm the eyes and cause cataract in the long run.

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Use caps and hats to shade your face from the sun. Another important thing is to use deodorants and perfumes a lot. If you smell good you will feel fresh and cool and motivated to work hard. Also in summers because of the sweat it is easy to smell bad, take care that there is no reek coming off from you. Especially those who go to gym or do cardio must take an extensive shower after the work out.

Taking care of skin and hair in summer

Best tips to Beat the heat in Summer

Summer brings with itself lots of skin problems for people with sensitive skin. The skin becomes irritable and oily giving rise to acne and black heads. So skin care becomes especially important this season. Here are a few important things that you must take care about in summers.

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  • Wash your face thrice a day with a good soap-free face wash that is appropriate for your skin type.
  • Exfoliate regularly to remove the black heads, dead skin cells, black heads and other impurities.
  • Every night use a good cleanser to remove impurities and makeup residuals and clean your face thoroughly. Sleep with a clean face.
  • After cleansing use a good moisturizer to trap the moisture from the skin in the skin.
  • Eat foods that are good for skin like cucumbers, honey and lemons and avoid deep fried and spicy foods that give rise to the oily content of the skins.
  • For the hair, cleanliness is of the first and foremost importance. Wash your hair every other day if it is oily otherwise after every two days, it is a must.
  • Use hair moisturizing masks and oils to keep your hair fresh and soft.

How to keep house cool in summer without ac

Instead of switching on the air conditioners all day long, try to naturally cool out your homes. There are easy ways to do that. It will cut down your electricity costs as well as it would be good to have natural cooling instead of artificial one. Put insulation on the roof tops as well as where there will be direct sun rays coming in contact with the walls.  Keep the windows open in the evening to let the breeze in. Use nettings to avoid mosquitoes and flies. Cook during the evening or make meals that do not require to light the stove for long. The best option is to cook outside if possible. Switch off the lights when not required. Bulbs emit lot of heat. Use LED lights instead. All electronics require and produce heat energy. So avoid the use of heavy duty electrical appliances during the peak of heat hours.

 Keep the air ducts and chimneys clean for a continuous flow of air.

How to stay cool in hot weather while working outside

If your work is field work, then you have no way to avoid the exposure to the sun. So you must take maximum precautions. Do not forget the sunblock. Not only use it in the morning, but also keep it with you all the time.

Keep a water bottle with you all the time. Take care of your meals. A lot of energy is required to endure the heat of the sun, so eat a heavy and healthy breakfast. Then do not skip lunch at any cost. Take a light lunch like a sandwich. Then have some fluids in the afternoon. If you feel drained and exhaustive during the day, immediately take a shade. Have some mineral and salt rich drink sachets with you like pedialight.

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If you have issues like low BP or nosebleeds, keep yourself regularly checked and consult a physician before the start of summer season to know what precautions should be taken.

How to have best fun in summer

Best tips to Beat the heat in Summer

Instead of summer being a liability and a difficult season to pass through, why not make summer a great and enjoyable season. Plan out your summers such that you can enjoy it. The first and obvious step is to go for a vacation. Choose a place where there is a beach so you can have sand and sun and indulge in water sports.

Otherwise you can go to some place where there are lots of water related activities like diving, scuba diving, jet ski etc. or you can visit places on the other side of the globe where there is colder temperature and you do not have to endure the heat.

If you cannot afford a long vacation, you can also plan a week or so off from work and enjoy indoor activities like your kids, family or friends. Summer can be a great time to have lots of fun.

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So here is our long and comprehensive guide about how to survive the summer blues and make you summers enjoyable and interesting.

Best tips to Beat the heat in Summer

How do you cope with your summers? Share with us some interesting and useful activities that can come handy for others too.

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