“Fashion” A word which interests all the men and women of today. Have you ever thought what makes us fashionable? Not only our clothes, makeup or accessories make us fashionable but also our ideas, our thoughts, our lifestyles, our way of doing things and creativity makes us fashionable. Fashion is all about our mind, uniqueness that’s within us. Majority of the  people think fashion is only about dressing up just like others, even if it makes them look hideous. I know this sounds funny but that’s how the society of today functions, which I believe is not right. We all prefer changes especially in our clothing and styles that’s human nature and I guess life would actually become dull without it. But before adopting certain styles or changes we should always make sure they suit us and are acceptable by our family, religion and society. Pakistan is a country of the third world and majority of the people of our country cannot afford fashion in daily life. Of course there are remarkable changes taking place but I believe we should do what makes us happy and something which is the most suitable for us. In Pakistan there are basically four categories of people:

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  1. Who follow fashion trends blindly without even thinking?
  2. Who follow the recent trends of fashion when it’s needed?
  3. Who are forced to follow the fashion trends?
  4. Who don’t follow any fashion trend at all?

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Pakistan Latest Fashion Trends


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         As far as the first point is concerned, I personally feel that blindly following a certain fashion trend is not right. Our religion does not allow us to follow all sorts of fashion trends, and before adopting a certain fashion we should give it a thought. With time there are some female designers who have actually realized this, and have started working on woman fashion clothing. Not only nice flowy Abayas have been designed by them, but also they have started offering nice stylish outfits for women with a combination of different styles, colors and patterns. Some of these clothes are also available on online shops and one can easily buy these with a discount while sitting at home. The best part is that, even the Pakistani government is supporting these fashion designers. Exports of such fashion clothing have increased with time and a lot of people abroad are also buying them. This recent fashion trend of Muslim fashion clothing is not only common in Karachi but also in Lahore.  When it comes to point number two, I personally would support this category of people but I would not blindly follow a certain trend even if it’s needed. Also I would not recommend others to do the same. I agree to the point that a lot of people have been forced to become fashionable because of their relationships, there family backgrounds and yes also for the purpose of finding a decent job. Majority of the employers in our country especially female employers, are attracted by people who speak fluent English and who wear extremely stylish western outfits. This is one thing which attracts them, even if they don’t have much experience they will be hired because of their appearance. This is my experience and I personally feel such employers should be ignored at all times. Always remember that “This world is temporary, by pleasing such people we won’t get anything”. In the end, I would like to conclude by saying “Do what is best for u!” “You are your own judge!” Let’s appreciate the norms and values of our society and let’s work towards its betterment.

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Latest fashion trends Pakistan

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Latest Pakistani fashion trends



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